Bad books make for Good reading… Lessons

I always used to think reading as many good books as you can get a hold of was how you grew as a writer at one point.


I think the entire process of idea generating, researching, writing the first draft, rewriting it a million times over and sending it away to get published serves as a good way to go too.

BUT–reading an entire bad book can actually have some really valuable lessons for a writer. Like, how not to talk down to your audience, or to make it feel like unrealistic sugary treacle. Or to make it not full with every cliché known to man. Or maybe something not quite as bad, like the themes or genres of the book don’t work or are not quite appropriate for the targeted readers.

You would be surprised at how many amazingly bad books have been published!

Not to mention that when you’ve read a really bad book, you actually feel like you’re not as bad at writing as you thought after all. Ego boosts can help with the motivation of your writing after all.

That’s all from me today.

It’s my birthday today. Now I’m 25 years closer to dying. Can’t say that it’s been a bad day. But I just feel low about the whole birthday thing in general every year nearer the time.

Oh, I have a heads up for you all:

The first draft to the sequel I wrote on here called ‘Silver Cathedral’ will be posted on the blog in November. And if I’m honest, I think that’s pushing it. I have a lot of e-publishing, formatting, rewriting, and I am writing probably my longest first draft ever at the minute too.

Although I might get there sooner. Sometimes I can never tell. It depends how well things fall into place I guess.

Anyway, have a good week. And take care



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