I’m on a roll. Apparently.

Hello folks.

There are 3 things I do every Wednesday morning once I’m up, showered, dressed and sitting with a cup of tea.

First, I download the new Pen Addict podcast (providing the schedule hasn’t changed) and hit play. I load up the Philofaxy Web Finds page from the day before, ready for me to get my teeth into later, and then I start this blog. Unless I’m mega ahead of myself. Which apparently I’m not today, but that’s okay. To be honest, listening to the podcast pretty much fuels my blog post writing. I mean, if the schedule changes, then it changes and I just go and re-listen to what I’ve already got. (Hey, the fact that I can go back and re-listen to them a year later is a testament to how well the episodes age.)

So. The Year of Continuous Writing: at the end of last night, my goal was 62,000 words. I’m apparently (according to my maths) on 75,329 words. Not going to lie, I’m a little blown away by that. Especially considering the fact that I think half of those words are just one story that I’ve been working on for the last two/three notebooks/months. (I consider them the same ’cause I’ve been using the exact same style of notebook for the last couple of months and each one takes me about a month to fill, so…) Yeah, I’m amazed by this. My grand total goal for the YoCW is 182,500 words by next March. At this rate, I might get it done by January.

I am currently… Mmm, about half way, just over half way, through notebook 33. There are 26 pens in my used pen cup. There should be 27 though – I think I threw away a Uniball Eye in Wine instead of putting it in there. So that’s kind of annoying. I’ll just put a red Bic biro in there to represent that. (I hate red biros so I don’t mind throwing away one that’s never going to get used.) I’m currently using a Uniball Eye Micro in blue, which was almost full when I started using it, and it’s almost empty now so that’s nice.

I’ve taken up a little calligraphy using italic nibs on my fountain pens (on my Lamy Nexx pens and my TWSBI 540), I’ve started making a few little notebooks out of some of the stacks of paper I have (mostly for my own amusement. It’s quite fun) and I’m making my own Filofax diary pages for next year. As well as that, I made the boyfriend a birthday card for his birthday last week. I’m gettin’ my arts ‘n’ crafts on! (Apparently.) I don’t know what started that off.

I should take some photos of these things (the card, the notebooks, the inserts. Maybe not the inserts, I have a plan for that.) Although, maybe I’ll take a photo of all the notebooks I’ve made once I run out of paper to make them from. Ha. (Though if you follow me on Twitter or my stationery Tumblr you’ll find a picture of my first one. I’m not going to point it out so you can go huntin’ for it if you like.)

So, that’s all I’ve been up to recently. I don’t have much more news for you, so I’ll see you next week!

Until then!



Blog post word count: 552 words.


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