In which I talk about making notebooks.

Hi guys!

I have literally just finished trimming and smoothing the edges of a bunch of notebooks I’ve been flattening for about a week. Trimming the edges is hard, even with a craft knife (yes, I got over myself and got one. A cutting mat too. I feel sorry for that thing. It’s all battered and bruised now.)

The binding isn’t as straight or as tight as I think it could be, so there’s room for improvement there, and I think some of the rainbow ones are a bit thick, but that’s easy enough to correct on any more I may make in the future. I also think that maybe my thread is a bit thick but, I’m not entirely sure on that. The thickness of the notebooks is probably why some of them don’t close flat enough for my liking, but I might make some elastic closures with the silver elastic I have lying around. Not sure yet. Also, the top and bottom edges are not quite as straight, and the long edges are a wee bit rough and ready (not enough to cause paper cuts though I think) but… Other that all that, I’m pretty impressed. I mean, those are all things that can easily be corrected on the next batch (if I ever get around to more.)

I’m pretty pleased with myself!

Here’s the link to the YouTube video I used as a tutorial. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago now, I think, but I’ll link it again. There’s a link within that video to a tutorial for the saddle stitch binding too.

So! First a photo of the bindings (the side of my desk is a little darker than normal today). You can see the thicknesses of the notebooks here too:

And a photo of them spread out a bit more:

Most of these have plain, rainbow coloured paper from Paperchase, but some have grid/squared Rhodia paper. I think the paper colour is visible in the second photo. Err… The covers are black card from The Works, except that orange one – that’s a cover from the Rhodia grid pad I used because I didn’t want to cut up another sheet of black card.

Not going to lie, I am actually pretty impressed with myself!

I don’t have a lot else to say this week. Writing’s going well, and reading is picking up again. When I’m not sinking time into Cake Mania that is!

Until next week guys,



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