Idiosyncratic Habits

Idiosyncratic habits are in us all. But what I’m talking about here is the habits authors kept using, and for good reasons most of the time.

1. The first has to be Ernest Hemingway. His iceberg theory made his writing subtle, yet very deep. The whole 20/80 rule works for more than just him too.

2. Shakespeare: He ended a lot of scenes in his plays using a rhyming couplet, which in turn–created suspense.

3. Jane Austen put question and exclamation marks in the middle of her sentences. Which wasn’t really the ‘done’ thing when she was first published in her time either. But it obviously works for some. Although Austen wasn’t the only to do this. This appears in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre too. Although I think these habits are only seen in older editions.

4.  Dan Brown has stated that he hangs upside down to relax and let go before he starts writing. He swears by it.

5. William Faulkner drank a lot of whiskey whenever he wrote.

6. Vladimir Nabokov: This guy only wrote on 3 x 5 index cards, which would be paper clipped and stored in slim boxes. He apparently only wrote with pencils that had an eraser on top and had a sharp point.

I have my own idiosyncratic habits, but I’ll let you all decide what they are.

Till next time



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