I made my own Filofax inserts for next year…

Because I clearly have no life and too much time on my hands. ‘Cause really, it was time consuming! But, I think they’re practically finished now. I just have to look up a list of holidays to write in and add birthdays and anniversaries and stuff.

I took pictures (sorry for the bad quality of some) so I can show you the process.

(A closer look at a one week spread of the finished things.)

Right. First, I gathered all the materials that I thought I would need. A (single) hole punch, paper trimmer, ruler, rubber, pencil (this one’s a Kuru Toga) some templates and the paper I wanted to use. (That is a pad of A4+ Rhodia squared paper, which is the best paper for any sort of stuff like this I think; no bleed through and minimal shadowing. Except with Sharpies.)


I currently have a week to two page calender from WHSmiths that I use, so I just counted the sheets that I have to figure out how many I would need. Then I figured that I could get three on a page, so from that I figured out how many sheets of paper I would need. (About 54 Personal sized sheets, which with 3 per A4 sheet is about 18 sheets of paper, but I used 20 sheets of paper just in case I messed up.)

So yes. I gathered my supplies and started drawing out the three pages to a sheet outlines.


A tip for drawing all the lines; it doesn’t matter if you’re going to stick with drawing lines in pencil (which I should’ve stuck to) or if you’re going to use a pen – the edge of your ruler is going to get dirty and it might leave smudges. To prevent this, I put some sellotape on the edge of my ruler, which I would take off and replace every so often so I didn’t have to keep washing the ruler. Just don’t leave the tape on the ruler after you’re finished otherwise when you remember to take it off ages later your ruler will be all sticky and ugh.


Then I cut off the excess paper so I could go through and draw the lines to separate the days. I kept the sheets together like the picture shows ’cause then I could just draw one line all the way across instead of having to do it sheet by sheet and making three times the work for myself.


Once I’d done that, I cut them into individual sheets. That stack of paper was quite… Intimidating ’cause I knew how much more work I still had to do. Doing everything by hand is very, very time consuming. But I feel like it’s a little more satisfying? I don’t know. Maybe.


Then the least fun part. The hole punching. If you’ve got a punch that does all six holes at once, this won’t be an issue for you. I however, only have a one hole punch, so this bit took me a little while. And hurt my hand a tiny bit too. The holes aren’t the straightest in the world, but to get them sort of straight, I paper-clip some old diary inserts to three or four sheets (the most my hole punch can do at once) to use as a template. That’s the stack in the top right of the photo.


Then I had to write the days and dates in. Slowly. Ish. In case my pen smudged on the Rhodia paper. But not too slowly. It was very repetitive though, but you are essentially writing the days of the week over and over again.


Finally, really I had to decide on the colours I wanted to use, ’cause I knew I wanted to add some colour. I dug through the cubby hole where I keep my pencil cases until I found my Tardis and then dug out my twist-up crayons (thank you Staples) and my coloured pencils (thank you WHSmiths – I love these. They have “The Spectrum Sings” printed on the body of each pencil in silver.) Then I matched up each pencil to a crayon and found enough for each month of 2014, plus one colour for the leftover December of 2013 and another for the beginning of January 2015.


Once I’d chosen the colours, I had to put them in some form of order and then had to go through and use the crayons on the months at the top of the page and the dates, while using the pencils on the days of the week. I think you can see all the colours in the photo below.


There you go. I’m quite pleased with myself really. It was actually quite fun, too. I’d like to make some more? Maybe I’m weird for enjoying that. But I’m quite happy with how they turned out. Well. Except for the fact that now I’m thinking that maybe a Page Per Day or Two Days Per Page might be better for me… I don’t know. I’ll think on that one.

That’s all from me for this week, until next week guys!



Blog post word count: 850 words.


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