In which I muse about artistic development somewhat and complain about muses.

Hello folks.

I am on, as of last night, 94,610 words out of my 182,500 word goal for the Year of Continuous Writing and all of that is by hand. 64,638 words of that (so far) is of the same story, that I’ve been working on continuously for the last four notebooks. And I’m almost about to start my fifth notebook for this same story. (And yes, I did just sit and do the maths for that.)

64,638 words of the same story. That same story being worked on every day since March 1st. That’s what, five or six months now? It’s kind of crazy for me. Not only because I’m working in a more linear fashion now (I used to jump around from scene to scene) but the fact that I’m slogging away on the same story for a period of time amazes me. Yay, personal and/or artistic development? Maybe more personal as I can’t guarantee that my writing’s gotten any better. Heh.

Seriously, normally I would’ve changed projects by now; my previous “record” for working solidly on one story is… Two or three months a couple of years ago for a NaNo I typed. After that, it’d be last year’s hand written NaNo, which I worked on for the month. Typing a story consistently is much easier than handwriting these volumes of words.

It’s highly possible that I’ll end up cutting half the words if I ever bother sitting down, typing it up and editing it. But that’s the point of editing, isn’t it? Either way, I’m very surprised at myself. Not for the fact that I’ve been writing every day; I knew I could do that anyway. Not at the fact that I’m handwriting every day ’cause I know I can do that too. I’m more surprised by the fact that I’ve managed to stick to the one story for so long. And I didn’t plan too much of it out, if I’m perfectly honest, so I’m doubly surprised that I’ve managed to get as far as I have, and without really straying to another story for a break. Sure, I may have skipped ahead and started typing some stuff up, but it was for the same story. I just have to copy those bits up when I get there, which’ll be fun, ’cause there’s 30,000 odd words of ‘skip ahead material.’ That’s going to take up a lot of paper I think, which is why the next notebook for this particular story is going to be one of the Staples Arc ones, ’cause then I can change the disc sizes. Easy.

I ~love~ the Arc range. I really do. I have four of the notebooks (three A5s and one A4. The A4 really needs some more love actually.) And, I want to go back and get another of the leather ones. I have a black one from when they first came out but now I’m lusting over the blue, the green or the purple/plum. Or pink. Sigh. Basically, I’m lusting over another leather one in a pretty colour. And their colours look so juicy so it’s hard to choose. But that’s a discussion for another time.

The only problem I think I’m having with working on this one story for so long is that… My brain keeps straying. I think I might need to take a break from it soon to stop me from utterly hating it. The only issue with this is that I know that if I leave a story, I’m not likely to go back to it. The two NaNos I mentioned earlier haven’t been touched since I left them. The handwritten one is in a folder on the bookshelf to my right and the typed one is on my Sims 3 plumbob memory stick which is… Somewhere on my desk. But they’re still at the same word counts that I left them at. I really need to go back to those at some point, but my muses have run off, leaving me with just the one for the story I’m working on.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get there. I don’t find it too difficult to jump back into my projects. (Or to start new ones but that’s a totally different and maybe somewhat irrelevant point).

What’re you guys working on at the moment?

Until next week,



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2 responses to “In which I muse about artistic development somewhat and complain about muses.

  1. Pen

    I’m working on a series of small fics I’ll probably never share.
    But WOW your dedication is inspiring!
    I love handwriting but much prefer typing when doing things like (attempting) nanowrimo.

    • kenounirenashin

      I don’t think anyone’s ever going to see any of my stuff to be honest XD I do write mostly for myself after all. Plus I think typing it all up would kill me.

      Thank you 😀 Although I’m not sure if it’s dedication or stubbornness XD

      I know what you mean about NaNo. I hand wrote it last year and I don’t think I want to try that again; I won but only just. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again XD

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