I have no witty title today.

Hey guys.

I’m not going to lie. I kind of don’t really want to be writing today. I’ve been in a mega negative mood for the last couple of days and that’s seeping into everything else. So, I’m trying to be very cautious that I’m not too negative in this post. Some people would say “eh, why don’t you just take a week off?” And I’m like “no, when I agreed to write for this blog, I made a commitment.” I try my hardest to stick with my commitments. ‘Cause if you can’t commit to a blog on the internet that you write for once a week (just once!) then what can you commit to? Nothing. That’s what. Writing for an online blog once a week is nothing compared to some responsibilities the world throws at you.

But anyway. I’m half way to taking up painting. I got myself some nice watercolours and some paint brushes so I’m going to do some of that at some point. I had the idea of painting some covers for the notebooks I like making. Different, that’s what that idea is. I don’t know. It’s on the list of things to do. (Like a lot of things at the moment; but that’s what happens when all of your positivity and motivation is sucked away.)

Yeah… I don’t know what to say. If you want me to cover something in a future blog post, leave me ideas in the comments!

Sorry it’s so short today guys, but hey, at least I turned up!

Until next week,



Blog post word count: 260 words.


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