Talkin’ about my notebooks – what I have in use.


I was looking through my stationery Tumblr last night in an attempt to figure out what to write about today and stumbled across one of my photos of all the notebooks I had in use. So, I figured I’d re-do that so I can see if anything has really changed. I’m not entirely sure that much has, but we’ll see.

Righty! Here is the stack of notebooks that I currently dip and in out of on a regular basis. (Though I use the term “notebook” loosely, as you will see.)

Stack o' books!

So there’s my current stack. I don’t use them all, all of the time. That would be hard. Let’s give you a better look at the books then I’ll talk about what I use them all for.

A better look.

There we go. Right, I’m going to go from the top row to the bottom, from left to right.

Top row.
~ A5 Paperchase binder/organiser. This is my writing binder. I did a whole post on this one here so I’m going to direct you there if you want to read more about that.
~ A5 Staples Arc notebook in black butterfly design. This is my current notebook in my Notebook a Month project (notebook number 35 actually). This one has the 25.4mm discs that holds up to 150 pages. If I use more pages, then I’ll just use the biggest discs I have which I think hold up to 200. I’m still writing the same story that I started… Four notebooks ago? So this is the 5th notebook with the same story in it, and I’m resorting to using an expanding notebook so that I can try and finish it up without spreading to yet more notebooks. I hope that makes sense.
~ Pocket Domino Filofax in Ultra Violet. I journal in this every so often. Also, I really love this colour and would kill for the A5 version instead of the A5 Violet Domino I have. But never mind.
~ A6 Oxford Horizons notebook. I handwrite blog posts in this. Not as much as I used to, because I prefer typing them straight up now. Once this notebook is filled, I probably won’t be handwriting blog post entries for awhile.

Bottom row.
~ Personal Metropol Filofax in Kingfisher Blue. This is my food journal. My “dinner diary” if you will, and it’s really depressing because we have practically the same seven meals every week, just maybe in a different order. One day, I swear to god, I’m going to give this (or at east the insides) to my mother in law so that hopefully she’ll realise how one-note she is. Ugh. Another rant for another time maybe. This thing also looks after the inserts I made for next year.
~ A5 Staples Arc notebook in the Hibiscus design. I still do mini pen and/or ink reviews in this. Not many, but I will do one every so often. For my eyes though, ’cause they’re literally just one A5 page of first impressions.
~ Personal Holborn Filofax in Wine. This is my baby. I love this thing. I keeps track of my writing on a smaller scale, of birthdays, of appointments and when new episodes of my TV shows need to be acquired. I don’t track podcasts so much anymore because I just -know- when they go up. But seriously. I love this thing, and I love my boyfriend even more for getting it for me after I’d been lusting over it for months.
~ Field Notes A5 Steno pad. This is still my “pens I’ve used up” list pad, so that hasn’t changed.
~ A6 Paperchase notebook. – Still my ‘inspiration’ book so that hasn’t changed either.

That’s all of those, really. It looks like a lot, but I don’t keep them all in one pile to use all at once. They’re scattered around my desk area/ my corner of the bedroom.

In other news, I’ve actually started painting. Nothing special or anything. I did buy two pads of artists paper (like, 100 sheets a pad) and I spent most of Saturday morning binding the sheets together to form several A5 books. That was fun. That paper’s not the best, but it’ll do for what I want it for. The only issue I have now is that I want to bind ALL THE THINGS. I can’t help it. Bookbinding is addicting. And easy. You can sit with a DVD on and trim your paper, poke the holes and sew it all together with no problems. It’s just trimming the edges that takes a bit more effort. But hey, the stack of books at the end is fun.

Erm, yeah, so that’s about it really. Feel free to drop me a comment to let me know how many notebooks you use. Or, a blog response if you feel up to it, ’cause then you can share pictures.

Until next week guys,



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  1. Hi Danni,

    My company is looking for bloggers to review our notebooks and lifestyle products. Was just wondering if there is an email for me to write to you. Kindly advise.

    Thank you!

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