In which I admit that I have a one way ticket for the crazy train and I like it.

Morning folks!

Phew, I’ve had a semi eventful week. Job interview (a group one too which wasn’t as scary as I first thought), a birthday on Thursday (I’m now twenty-something +1), seeing my dad (not always fun), and then! Monday! Twitter activity that nearly had me fall off of my chair. Getting a response from your favourite celebrity to a random question you’d just thrown out there (for giggles and not expecting a reply) will do that to you! Excuse me while I go and freak out over here for a minute. It was a big deal to me, I can’t help it.

Ahem. Anyway. I spent most of the weekend finishing off some rainbow notebooks and making some more with animal print covers; you can see a picture of the weekend’s work here. That animal print card was an utter pain in the butt to work with so I probably won’t use that again. I think it was the slight… Glossiness to the card that didn’t help; the black card is matte and much easier to work with. Oh well. You live, you learn!

Writing is going horribly well! I’m about 113,000 words. When I should be on 93,000. And it’s all still by hand, so I’m stupidly proud of myself.

I’ve been very good about buying new fountain pens. I haven’t, so that’s the point. Instead, I’ve been getting new converters for my mountain of Lamys and a new nib unit for my TWSBI Mini. It’s a bit like getting new pens, but a bit cheaper. I might, however have fallen onto the ink train. This is not good. First it was pens, then I started making my own notebooks (just for giggles. I might do it properly when I don’t have so many to get through) and now it’s the ink. I’m fully prepared to admit that I might be in too deep now. Does it bother me though? No, I really don’t think so. I enjoy what I do, I enjoy what I like. I’m reasonably knowledgeable about it and it makes me happy. So it can’t be all that bad, right? I mean, there’s one thing I mention at least once a month – if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad. Right?

Well. That’s what I think. Stationery does make me happy, so it’s not bad. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. And I think that goes for a lot of things. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, or doing yourself any harm, then what you like and what you do isn’t really anyone else’s business, is it?

On that thought, I might go and order a couple more bottles of fountain pen ink, ’cause frankly I’ve been eyeing them up for too long.

A note: next week is my 100th post. How exciting.

Until next week!



Blog post word count: 472 words.


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