In which the MA takes over…

Hello All!

I know last week I promised you that we’d be back on track and that this post would be about The Secret of Unicorn.

As you can tell, it isn’t. I’m writing this in a (short) break from reading up on Antigone, by both Sophocles and Jean Anouilh. Let’s just say it’s pretty hard going. I haven’t actually read either of the plays yet – that’s for later on this week, and I still have various chapters from other books to read as well.

So, what I am going to say is that my appearance round these bloggy parts is going to be sporadic at best. I will try to post at least every two weeks (so don’t expect a post next week), but probably won’t get back into The Tintin 24 straight away. I will try though to queue up some posts in advance if I think it’s going to be a tough few weeks with my nose to the grindstone.

To keep you all in the loop I thought I’d mention briefly what I’m studying for the next few years and what my reactions are thus far.

First, as you’ve already seen were are doing two different versions of Antigone, one is the classic Greek play (terrifying), the second, a rewritten French version from the 1940s (slightly less terrifying).

We then move onto Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea, which I studied on my BA degree, so feeling a little relaxed about these, as I at least know what they’re actually about.

After that, and this is the one I’m absolutely dreading is Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and Coriolan by Brecht. At this current moment in time I have NO idea what Coriolanus is about. Luckily, they are doing a production at the Donmar Warehouse just before we study it. Even more luckily, they are beaming the production to cinemas and to top it all off, to the one in the next city over from me. I will be scribbling down every thought I have in the cinema that night!

Then it’s Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (potentially all right…) Foe and Dusklands by J.M Coetzee and a 400 page book on Bushman folklore which is up on our uni website as a scary PDF! I have read Foe already and wasn’t that keen on it, but perhaps it will make more sense after reading Robinson Crusoe. Rather worried about the Bushman folklore.

Moving on, it’s Paradise Lost and Genesis. Genesis is fine, I know what that’s all about, but the fact that Paradise Lost is a poem is haunting me a little. We also have William Blake’s Milton alongside this. I’ve decided to approach reading the poems as if they were stories, rather than focus on the poem side of it. I hope it works.

Lastly, it’s Byron’s Don Juan and Kim by Rudyard Kipling. Now, these two don’t sound like they go together very well, but that’s because they don’t. This essay is the big one before dissertations, and is 5,000 words (eeek!) and can be on one or the other. I know which way I’m swaying already.

Then, a completely separate section of the degree which I know nothing about yet is the dissertation of 15,000 words. I have already put some thought into what I may write mine on when I learnt that once you register for it, you’re expected to send your tutor the proposal idea and a list of references before you really start! But that’s not for several years yet so let’s not worry about that just yet.

I hope this has let you into my crazy mind a little and I hope I can keep up my fortnightly promise!

That’s all for now,



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