Foot, meet butt.

Hello folks!

I’ve been without a mobile phone since last Thursday and it’s been driving me absolutely insane. I really don’t like it at all. But, according to the Nokia phone tracker (which I totally haven’t been checking obsessively every hour every day ’cause god damn it I want my phone back) my phone is on its way back to me. So thank god for that.

I’m not as organised as I’d like to be at the moment – I’ve been doing too much writing and playing too much Pokemon. I’ve even been neglecting Animal Crossing a little, which I’m beginning to feel a little guilty about. Pokemon is like crack, I swear to god. I don’t even care that I’m in my mid twenties and that I still play it. X and Y sold, like 4 million units in 2 days so I know damn well that I’m not the only not-child buying and playing it.

So today I’m going to share a to do list with you so that I can be held accountable for all the things I won’t have done by next week.
~ Add at least 3,500 words to my Year of Continuous Writing total (grand total as of right now: 140,452 words.) – That’s 500 words a day, which is my daily goal anyway.
~ Tidy and re-organise the top of my printer and the top of the side to the right of my desk.
~ Clean the tray of fountain pens on the top of my desk.
~ Reply to a letter I got yesterday.
~ Start doing the neat copy of that letter I’ve been sitting on for weeks. For god’s sake, at least start that.
~ Pull out all my notebooks, re-photograph, tidy and sort a bit better.
~ Tidy up the desk a little. This included dusting the top of it. (Which means I’ve gotta move all the crap off of the top of it first. I hate doing that.)
~ Sort out those bloody bottles.
~ Add a “Contact” page to the top of this blog.

Bonus round: Therapeutic fun times –
~ Make more notebooks.
~ Do a little painting.
~ Make some more iTunes playlists.

That’s about it really. I do have a list of various, interesting things I could be blogging about, and I’m really sorry that I’m not doing that. As I said, I’m not the most organised at the moment. I really am working on that.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back with something more interesting next week!

Until then,



Blog post word count: 431 words.



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4 responses to “Foot, meet butt.

  1. Oooh you do the pen pal thing! May I participate, too?

  2. And for some reason I like today’s title, too.

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