In which many thoughts appear.

I’ve written 93 words of my first essay. Some of those are the title. But I’ve still got loads of time left, so not freaking out just yet.

Right, now that’s off my chest.

My tutorial last week went well, met some others on my course who seemed very nice, hoping that they’ll be a good support network as we’re all in the same scary position.

What else: reading! I’ve slowed up on the reading again. I just need to find something that grips me but it’s really hard to focus on anything else at the moment without feeling guilty that I’m not doing actual work. Even when I’m at work, I always think “I could be using this time much better!”. But these things cannot be. (Oh, BA, how I miss you. At least your referencing was easier.) I also feel really crap that I haven’t written anything in a long time. There was a time when I was really productive and always had at least one thing on the go (think the most things I’ve had on the go at once was 3 or 4) but even though I have got time to do it, I always feel like I should be doing something else every time I try – reading, doing uni work, being productive in other areas, sleeping and so on.

I think my one issue might be not being able to ask either my tutors or peers direct questions. I have to either email them or put messages in the forum and Facebook pages and wait for a response. I’ve found the Facebook page actually quite unhelpful and a little scaremongering (people posting “I know this is a little late/I’ve read x number of pages, where are you?/various complicated theories on the text I couldn’t even come up with” and so on), so trying to avoid asking questions on there at all costs.

I’ve updated my part on the contact page, too, as Danni has. Feel free to contact me on twitter or follow me or whatever, that’s the place I’m most likely to respond to anything. I tend to check emails first thing in the morning and then completely forget about them, or last thing at night, mean to reply to them the next day and then they disappear forever. If anyone has any specific requests of what they’d like to hear me/us talk about – uni experiences, writing, books etc. let me know on twitter.

The Tintin 24 unfortunately has been quietly retired for the moment, which is a shame as we were getting towards some of the best books in the series. Perhaps I will revive it soon. I would say during the summer holiday, but my degree doesn’t work like that! We’ll see. I did get a new book for my collection when I was down in London for my tutorial, a new sort of behind the scenes book, with pull out documents and the like, a bit like the Harry Potter Film Wizardry book. I think a lot of the information won’t be new to me, as I’ve got several “Tintin and Herge” type books, but it’s great to see replications of original sketches and that sort of thing. The artist in me relishes any Herge drawing I haven’t seen.

So, better get back to planning this essay.

That’s all for now,



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