*plays Bon Jovi really loudly*

Hello folks!

How are we all? I’m not doing too badly myself.

Let’s see: I hit 25k for NaNoWriMo last night. Not supposed to be on that until the 15th. I’m still not massively ahead, but it’ll do. I’m pretty pleased with myself. In regards to the Year of Continuous Writing… 157, 782 words. I’m so close to the 182,500 that I can pretty much taste it. I’ve decided that once I hit that, I’m going to bump up the final goal to 200,000 words for the end of February/beginning of March. And if I hit that? I’m just going to keep going until the year is up. Apparently I’m a little insane like that.

But anyway. It’s nearly Christmas apparently. I’ve had to listen to Christmas music in shops, I’ve seen the Coca Cola advert and now I’m waiting on the inevitably horrible John Lewis Christmas advert for the triple bonus points in the Holiday Bingo. On the more positive side, I’ve actually nearly finished my Christmas shopping, ’cause I’m horribly organised like that. I can’t help it, I like to get a lot of things (or ALL THE THINGS) online so I have to do it early. That way I don’t have to worry about anything getting lost in the Christmas post. See, I think about these things – I’m sort of smart! Or, so I like to think.

Anyway. You guys get two more posts from me about… Nothing, really and then I can go back to my regular “I actually have time to do things” blog posting.

Good luck, and soldier on to those doing NaNo! I’m gonna run away and get on with it now ’cause I’ve had the most unproductive day ever and I’m utterly ashamed of myself. So I’ve got to go and try to rectify that.

Until next week!



Blog post word count: 304 words.


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