Hello folks!

I’ve just come back from the doctors and I’m not in the best of moods. I’m cold, wet, unhappy and tired.

Man, it’s been a “bleh” week. I had to deal with both of the “in laws” (I’ll explain in a second) being home all week, and god I hate that. The father in law being home, I don’t mind. It’s just when the mother in law is home. It’s like… Walking on eggshells all the time. It’s annoying.

(Okay. I didn’t suddenly go and get married. Trust me that would be all over my sections of the internet. I’m not even engaged. That would be over the interenet too. I refer to the boyfriend’s family as my in laws because, they practically are. The boyfriend and I are practically a married couple anyway. We hit the four year mark next April and we’ve lived together for… At least 85% of our relationship, even in uni. So *shrug.*)

But ugh. I just… I can’t this week. I’m sorry guys. At least I showed up and didn’t just leave it though!

Have a video complimation of puppies trying and/or learning to howl instead.

Until next week,



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