What’s Next. Where I’m At

I still need to finish the first draft of 177th Swan, but this time it has to be before the 14th December. The pressure is kinda on now. But I am going to do everything I can to get there on time, otherwise it will screw up everything I have planned for next year. I’m at just over 31,000 now, but I am struggling a little to keep up the daily writing of a thousand words on top of other stuff sometimes. My writing has been lacking lately because of it. Which disappoints me.

I have edited the third draft of Silver Cathedral, then read it on my kindle and spotted some typos so I changed them again. It’s actually quite a nice length. It’s short, but not really short. It would take the average reader an hour to read the entire thing without stopping. So I have done four edits for the Silver Cathedral technically now.

I’m also currently TRYING to save up one hundred and sixty pound. But no such luck has took me past fifty pound without having to use it for other things. It sucks. Because I have this really specific vision for all the illustrations planned out, and it will not only illustrate the story, but add to it; as the illustrations will show what all the characters really look like; because I don’t mention what they look like in the story in detail on purpose, for this reason.

I have also decided to upload and edit at the same time the 177th Swan next year to Wattpad. Very few people actually read them on there. But it is a really good incentive to keep going, because people can see if you’ve been slacking off or not. It has really motivated me in the past, so I’m sticking with this tradition for a while.

Also, I have came to the ultimate decision that Fatal Femmes will not be a part of the Observer Chronicles officially, but will be a bonus story when I finally come to the day of getting the entire saga in one e-book. Which will require a lot of effort until then, and even after. I had a problem because it didn’t advance the overall story arc of what was happening throughout the series very well, but it does still tie in, in a small way. So, although it may be one of my best works, I believe, it will be a bonus story for those who buy the entire collection together. But trust me–it feels like no bonus story when you read it!

I’m really hoping I have the stamina tonight to write 2000 words to catch up with slacking off a bit with my word count. I’ve decided from tomorrow I am doing five am wake ups to purely write, until I feel I am safe again, it really helps me focus early in the morning. Kinda my secret weapon.

I have to write at least a thousand words from after my two thousand today, every day. No resting days from here on out. Which doesn’t bother me that much. I don’t use them very often anyway. I just keep them for a fail safe really.

The supposed publication date for Silver Cathedral and 177th Swan, in one e-book will be, hopefully, on the 22nd December 2014 on Amazon. Then I will work on getting it on Lulu, ibooks, Barnes and Noble and the Kobo site.

That’s all from me

Thanks for reading



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