Hi folks!

First thing’s first! I hit 50k for NaNoWriMo last night. More… 50,096 words to be precise. And I wrote… 2,010 words yesturday for that. Horribly proud of myself because at least a quarter of that 50k was me writing stuff that was generally out of my comfort zone for the most part. Hence feeling horribly proud of myself. And yes I am still going to keep writing until the rest of the month. On top of the 500 words a day I’m doing for the Year of Continuous Writing. Speaking of that, last night I hit 165,784 words. I’m supposed to be on 135,500 ish, give or take 500, so yeah, I’m not doing too badly 😀

While NaNo is nearly over, we are beginning the run up to Christmas now. I’m not too bothered; I’m almost done. I just have to get/write/post cards and wrap everything. But… Yeah, other than that, I’m done. Thank god. I just have to deal with the people out and about from now until Christmas, now. And it’s going to feel like there’s more of them because I believe that the German Christmas Market is in town, which means there’s less street space for people to walk on. Ergo, it’s harder to avoid people. Ugh, I hate that. And it’s not even a proper Christmas Market. It’s just our regular market in wooden huts. And it’s all food stalls. Not great. Oh well.

Erm. Still reading the first Hunger Games book. All my reading is slow because I just can’t be bothered, really. I’m currently getting to the stage where I really want to tidy my desk again; but in order to do that, I need to get another A4 storage box and a big pot I can use as a pen pot instead of all the stupid lttle Nutella glasses I’m currently using. (Because, even though our cupboard is overflowing with them, my “mother in law” can never throw one away. BUT WE DON’T NEED THEM. STOP HOARDING YOU STUPID WOMAN. Ahem. I digress.) So to help the cupboard I adopt some to use as pen pots. But there’s so many of them now and they’re kinda annoying. *Sigh.*

Hopefully next week I’ll actually have more time on my hands to write some proper posts for you all.

Until next week!



Blog post word count: 385 words.


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