Hello folks!

How are we all? I’m not too bad myself today. Tired, and I feel like a pin cushion. I’ve had two doctor’s visits in the space of five days – one on Friday and one Tuesday. Blood tests. I only had to go back on Tuesday because they couldn’t find veins on Friday. So, on Tuesday, they tried both of my arms; once on my right, twice on my left before another nurse came in and found one in my hand. And OW that hurt! I had three different nurses over the two different appointments and they were all lovely. My doctor who refered me to the blood test? No. Not lovely at all. I was told that the results should be back around Friday and I’ll get a text. I do not want to have to go in again so hopefully I’ll get the all clear. Ugh.

Oh! I should mention that I’m just getting tested for diabeties. My dad was recently diagsnosed with Type 2, so of course he was all; “go and get yourself checked blah blah.” So, I’m doing that. Should’ve done it a month or so ago, but blood tests terrify me because nurses can never, ever find my veins. But apparently fair skinned people often tend to have flat veins? I don’t know. Something like that. Basically. I hate having my blood taken. It hurts. And from a girl with two tattoos and her ears pierced, that must sound pretty weird, but it’s a different sort of needle and a different sort of pain. In my opinion anyway.

So, yeah, I won NaNoWriMo. The NaNo Word Count validator says I finished with 55,555 words (and yes, I tweaked a bit until it read that. But tweaking only really meant adding more so…) However, my Word file says 55,533 so… I don’t know what the validator counts that Word doesn’t. Either way, I won. I ordered some nice, chunky square grid Rhodia pads to celebrate for that. Now, that doesn’t sound like much, but I re-discovered my Lamy 1.5mm nib on my Vista, and I’ve been playing with that on and off using the blue ink cartridges that you get with each new pen. I have a ton, obviously, so it feels nice to be using those up. My ‘calligraphy’ isn’t great, but I think it looks okay, and it’s fun so who cares?

Erm. The Year of Continious Writing is… Going. I’ve hit a bump; the words are really hard to get out at the moment. Which is really weird ’cause they were really easy to get out the other week, but now? Ugh. Annoying. Anyway. I’m on… 169,645 which is really not bad. I’m supposed to be on 139,000 of my 182,500 goal. Pretty impressed with myself.

Been tidying my desk and the surrounding surfaces over the last two days. Trying to narrow down the amount of pen cups I have on my desk by re-using old Funko Pop! figure packaging. I actually didn’t do a bad job with taping that back together and trimming it, and it holds a fair bit. I’m quite impressed.

Erm. Not much else to report really, other than I feel a bit lost now NaNo’s over, but now I also have a bit more free time on my hands to hopefully come up with some more interesting posts for you! I’ll work on that.

Until next week,



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10 responses to “Phew.

  1. I feel your pain. When I was undergoing invitro procedures, nurses blew out the lead veins on the tops of both my hands trying to insert IV lines…I looked like a prize fighter who boxed without gloves for days. My hands hurt worse than my ovaries that time, lol. By the time I did the last procedure they realized that they could put an iv line in my arm, but even that was iffy. I hope all goes well with the test results. Congrats on the NaNoWrimo thing. I only tried it once and failed miserably.

  2. Doctors can never find my vein either. Apparently it’s because you’re nervous so the blood doesn’t flow properly.

    • kenounirenashin

      I had to fast but drink loads of water too. I don’t think I drank enough because no one told me exactly how much I had to drink AND I was nervous. All a bit… Ugh really.

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