Tis the season to be… BAH HUMBUG.

Tis the season to be as sick as a dog! (Where did that saying come from? Answers on a postcard/down below please.)

Hello folks.

My lovely boyfriend works in retail so, naturally, he brings home a cold every so often. And he can be a bit inconsiderate (I’m sick so I’m going to come over and kiss you and breathe on you!) so I have it now. Hurrah. It started developing with that feeling in the back of my throat on Monday. Monday night saw some soft sniffles and Tuesday morning? Full on tiredness and snuffling. And I’ve still got that bloody scratchy throat. If anything, I feel like my throat is closing up a bit because it feels like it’s swollen and that’s horribly unpleasent. I feel totally wiped out already and this cold has only just begun. I hate being sick, I really do. It’s the feeling tired all the time I don’t like. I mean, I’m tired a lot anyway but when I’m ill it’s even worse because I seem to sleep lighter. Which means I get woken up a lot. Like by my noisey ass “mother in law” at five in the morning. That’s why I woke up on Tuesday, did all my downstairs chores, showered and dressed and then napped for most of the morning. And just the morning mind, ’cause god help you if you’re asleep when the mother in law gets in. She really doesn’t like that, despite the fact that I only sleep during the day when I’m ill or I have an extreme headache and pills aren’t working. It helped, a little – the nap I mean, so I might have to keep doing that this week until I’m better. An extra couple of hours afer I’ve done my chroes isn’t going to hurt anyone and anyone who thinks/says otherwise is an idiot.


Writing is… Going. Slowly, but going. Reading has stopped (yeah, I know, bad me.) And… I don’t have a lot more to say. My life is pretty much same old, same old.

I am very aware that I’ve been promising slightly more interesting posts, and I was all geared up to work on that on Monday but then I started getting sick. I’m not doing too badly, illness wise actually. I think that it’s because I’m taking less pills, my body can tackle the illness and not work around medicine. But I’m not doing too badly as far as I’m concerned. We’re on day three and I can breathe for the most part. And I’ve only taken like… Three rounds of pills over the last three days. I haven’t taken any today because I don’t feel like I need them. So hopefully I’ll be up at running at full speed again by the weekend. Even if I’m exhausted but I can breathe – I’ll take that!

Actually, while I’m feeling pretty “normal” I’m going to run away, work on my daily words and hopefully find some time to play with some pens!

Until next time



Blog post word count: 507 words.


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