Of New Years and Numbers

Hello folks!

Happy New Year and all that jazz! I hope you all had a good festive period. Mine was alright, can’t complain too much.

So, today we’re going to go through the usual writing statistics for last year, then next week I’ll do a brief catch up post and maybe touch on my goals/intentions for this year. Then after that, who knows?

~ Handwritten A4 letter pages: 18
~ Handwritten A5 pen/ink review pages: 6
~ Handwritten A5 journal pages: 17
~ Handwritten Filofax Pocket journal pages: 55
~ Handwritten A5 non-prose prompt pages: 93
~ Handwritten A6 1st draft blog post pages: 123 (I stopped handwriting these in about… June.)
~ Handwritten A5 prose pages: 1,390 (this covers the whole year.)
~ Typed for 750words.com: 25,044 words (from January 11th to February 13th. I got put off of continuing with this because the owner said that the site was probably going to chnage from free to paid, and I couldn’t afford it, really. I checked back a few months after I stopped though, and it was still free :/ )
~ Typed for NaNoWriMo 2013: 55,555 words
~ Typed for a friend on messengers: 29,081 words (from June 6th to July 29th on and off. I used to type up some random fic snippets for a friend of mine. I plan on editing these slightly and writing them up into a notebook that has the first half the story they’re from in it.)
~ Typed for this blog: 28, 969 words. (I always ended up writing more words than in the first drafts that I handwrote, and I edit things as I type the up. I stopped handwriting because it took so long and I work better typing it straight up anyway, in regards to writing blog posts. The total is obviously not just just the total for the handwritten pages, that total is serparate. This total is for every blog post over the course of the 2013.)
Handwritten for the Year of Continuous Writing: 189, 833 words

I only really regret not taking better note of the amount of words written before the Year of Continuous Writing – I only write down the number of pages. I aim to make better notes on how much I write this year. But yeah… I’ve got some of those “total this year” stats broken up into “total by month” too. I might post those next week, we’ll see. Because apparently when it comes to working out how much I’ve written, I love doing maths. ‘Cause I’m werid.

But there you go, there’s my numbers for the year. I’m fairly impressed with myself, to be honest. I like looking at the numbers and the stack of completed notebooks. That’s a stat I didn’t look up. Hang on.

~ Notebooks filled: 12

Yay, one a month. That would be more if I didn’t write double sided in most of them, or if some of them weren’t really thick. So, I’m pretty pleased with that. I can’t tell you how many pens I’ve used too,’cause I can’t find my notepad. Or at least, I think I know where it is, but it’s under so much stuff I just… Don’t have the energy to shift it all and get my hands on it.

Um, yeah… Plesed with all of those numbers. I’m doing pretty good in myself – I’ve got a couple of projects on the go at the moment, which I’ll talk about next week or the week after.

How did you guys do with your hobbies last year? Anyone want to tell me about their resolutions/goals/aims/intentions for the year?

That’s all I’ve got for you this week; a shortish post to ease us all back into it.

Until next week guys!



Blog post word count: 611 words.


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