Here be that mentioned catch up.

Hello folks!

So. I mentioned something last week about writing a catch up this week?

Writing: My original goal for the Year of Continuous Writing was 182,500 words. I hit that on December 21st, so I changed my goal to 200,000 words. I hit that on the 19th of this month. I haven’t really set a new goal, I’m just going to keep writing and see how far I get. Maybe I’ll make my new goal 222,222 for giggles. I don’t know. That might be a light goal – not set in stone sort of thing. I’ll probably make it, I mean, I’m pretty consistant like that, so chances are I’ll go over it too. Even if it’s just by a little bit.

I’m on notebook number 40, which I’m pretty sure is still in line with my internal “you must use up one notebook a month” thing. Using up pens is going just as well – I’m keeping a tally chart and a long running list which tracks the date I throw each pen in the bin. But not when I started using them, because, hey, I’m not that organised.

Reading: Okay, let’s be honest. I’m not. I can’t be bothered. I’d rather be writing or watching YouTube videos or doing anything but reading. And I kinda hate that. I have so many books that I want to read but I just… Can’t be bothered to do it.

Not really gaming much, if at all. Picking and poking at Pokemon X every so often but not really doing anything else. Can’t be bothered with that either, to be honest. Which also sucks. But what can you do when you’d rather be messing around with pens and paper and everything else seems like a chore? When they shouldn’t feel like that.

I am actually journalling more too and it’s not all as negative as it used to be. That’s all thanks to an online class I’m taking. It’s a year long journalling class and I’m really enjoying it. Maybeeeee more on that next week. We’ll see. Erm. Working through my ink cartridges, but I have a lot so that’s going to take awhile. Well, when you have a tin of 6 cartridges for all 30 J.Herbin colours, what do you expect? And then you’ve got a bunch of Lamy and Parker cartridges on top of that, and too many ink samples (which I might start putting into pens with 1.5mm nibs that I use for my terrible calligraphy.) I’m working on it guys, I’m working on it. I do have a little review that I wrote… Last week? I think? Maybe the week before, I’d have to double check, of a cheap little fountain pen that I found on eBay, that I want to put up at some point. I think I just have to take some pictures of said pen but that needs good light, and that’s hard to get in England where the weather is more tempermental than… Than… I don’t know, I can’t think.

I’m still making notebooks. Slowly. I have a pretty large pile of Midori Passport sized notebooks to trim and finish and I’m just like… These are terrible. But, I know where I went wrong with them, so I guess it’s all a learning experience. I’ll probably get around to using them at some point. I hope. There’s about 28 of the things. That’s quite a lot. We’ll see I guess? On the crafty note – I’m thinking about making my 2015 inserts for my Filofax soon. Yes, I know that’s a little ahead of myself, but what can you do? I like making things, and I know what I want to do – I’m just going to stick with the week on two pages (also known as week to view I think) but I’m going to put it on dot grid paper instead of squared/grid paper. That way I can use very fine tipped pens and the writing won’t be overwhelmed by the grid lines. Apparently I’m a little bit crazy for wanting to do it all by hand, but what can you do? I’d rather do it by hand than by computer; I find it much more satisfying.

So yes, I’m chugging along quietly, working away. How about you guys; how’re you doing?

Until next week!



Blog post word count: 714 words.


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