Dollar Fountain Pen Review

Hi guys!

Yup, an actual review for you today! Amazing.

Dollar Demonstrator Piston Fountain Pen

So. I stumbled across this pen when I had an itch for a new pen but didn’t have much money, and for some reason I really wanted a demonstrator pen. So, off to eBay I went. I stumbled across this one. I liked the clear bungundy actually and thought, “hey, I could use that one for the Rouge Hematite so I don’t have to risk ruining my TWSBIs or my Lamy converters.” (Although in hindsight a new Lamy converter is about the same price as this whole pen. But I digress.) So I ordered one.

I’m pretty sure that the date on the review is the date I actually received the pen. And I still really like it actually. I like that there’s like… An end cap, for lack of a better term, that protests the piston twister. I thought that was neat, because it means you can post the cap without having to screw it on and then have to worry about moving the piston as you take the cap off.

I like the fact that the piston matches the grip colour, and the little end of the cap (which has a Dollar sign on it, so I’m pretty sure that it’s the brand name and not the reccommended price.) And it comes in three colour ways – clear/burgundy, clear/black and clear/blue. I’ve been really drawn to those sort of colours recently (I’m a little bit in love with the TWSBI Classic in burgundy.)

The pen looks kinda cheap, I’m not going to lie, but it’s all plastic from what I can tell (apart from the nib which is, according to the stamping, iridium, and apart from the metal clip). And it was cheap. It was three and a half English pounds. (£3.50 like I said in the beginning.) But I don’t mind about that so much; it’s more about the performance for me. And I still think that it writes really well. It always starts up first time for me as soon as I take the cap off. And also, from what I can tell, you can’t take it apart to clean it, so you’d have to spend a while using the piston to do so. At least, I think that you can’t take it apart – I’ll have to have another look to double check the thing but it doesn’t feel like you can.

Which reminds me; because you can’t take the thing apart (or so it feels), you can’t fill it with a syringe. You really do have to stick the nib in a bottle and use the piston to fill it. So, you probably can’t use ink sample vials with it, unless there’s a lot of ink in your sample vial. Or well, you probably could use samples, but not once you start getting right down to the bottom of the vial.

Right, here’s my first impressions of the thing, including a small little ramble about the ink I was using.

A side note: clicking my photos of handwritten things opens them in a new window and allows you to zoom in. BUT I am very aware that the zoomed in feature is absolutely huge. I haven’t figured out how to change that so it’s not so much of an eyesore yet, but I’m working on that, I promise. I’m just not very technically inclined so it’s taking a little while.


So, that’s it really. I really like this little thing. I like it so much, that after I wrote out my first impressions of it that I went I ordered three more; one in each colour way, so now I have two clear/burgundy pens. I might go back and order another clear/black and another clear/blue at some point just so my count is even.

Hey, I really like the pen okay? 😀

That’s it from me this week guys.

Until next week!



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2 responses to “Dollar Fountain Pen Review

  1. What you can take apart is the nib from the body. Grip the nib and the black plastic part under the nib firmly and twist and pull. It will come apart. You can now clean the nib and feed assembly or even replace this nib with another one, like I did.

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