Sometimes it Starts with a Poem

Today I am going to be talking about how to make the right choice between several of these stories you want to write.

A story can be built on pretty much anything:

Sometimes it starts with a Poem. An experience, a loved one, a pet, a song, a photograph, an existing novel. The list can go on.

It can happen in many ways, we’ve got that down. But the deciding factor has to be the hardest one I have come to work with. How do we know which is the right path to go ahead with?

It comes back to feelings, I believe. If you have a good feeling for something you want to create, then I would say go with that one, though when there are several–this is when it starts to get tricky; you see that last run on sentence I just typed, that was a choice. In my mind it wasn’t a comma-splice, but now I have made it one. That’s the exact point in what I am getting at. Things change, they develop, they grow. Choices, they are the only things that show we are too!

So when we pick an idea or concept to go ahead with, make sure you feel for it. You have to nurture this thing for a long, long time. So there has to be some deep feelings for it somewhere. Or it is already game over!



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