On Notebooks and (not overly exciting) News.

Hello darlings!

I hope you’re all well.

I’ve been on some sort of mission recently to try and burn through many, many of my notebooks in the next couple of months. Unfortunetly for me, I have a lot of notebooks. Unfortuntely for me, I have a lot of fat-ass chunky notebooks.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re gorgeous to look at, and pet, and it’s incredibly satisfying once you have filled it, but actually filling it? An absoloute nightmare. It takes an bloody age. So yeah, I have a lot of those.

Naturally, getting through as many of my notebooks as I can is a massively daunting task. But, I do have a handful of reasonably thinner notebooks, so I’ve decided to get through those and then take on the thicker ones. I figure that this idea will give me a boost of YEAH GETTING THROUGH THE STACKS sort of feeling that might help with the fatter notebooks.

That’s the plan anyway, I don’t know how well it’s actually going to go. But I have a small stack of at least… Maybe 9 thinner notebooks. So, even if the plan doesn’t work, then I will have burnt through those notebooks. So it’s kinda a win win situation (to an extent) either way.

Like I said, that’s the plan. Of course, getting through my pens comes naturally with getting through the notebooks. I’m attempting to work through the ballpoints and gel pens I currently own, occassionally dipping into my fountain pen cup, because why the hell not?

I finally got my hands on a decent trimmer – a Fiskars one. So this is either going to be… Awesome or a massive problem. I mean, I find making things theraputic anyway; it keeps my hands and brain busy (the devil makes work for idle hands after all). So being able to make paper based things even easier than before might… Yeah, it might turn into a problem. I’m going to end up making more things than I can use.

Put it this way. I’m already planning out my Filofax diary inserts for next year. Yup, it’s only early February, and I’m thinking about 2015. I’m crazy like a fox. That and I have too much time on my hands I think. Or I just get bored easily. Either way, you know?

The Year of Continuous Writing ends at the end of this month. I’m actually aiming for 222,222 now. Which is so much more than my original goal of 182,500 words was. I guess I sell myself short huh? Or maybe I was just trying to make it easy on myself, ’cause I knew I’d be handwriting every day, and I didn’t want to aim for something like the NaNo daily word count – the one time I took on NaNoWriMo by hand was horrible. Maybe I just need to plan better, even though I thought I planned quite well that year. I don’t know.

Oh! You can find me on Instagram now. Sometimes it’s easier to pull out my wee tablet to snap a photo than to pull out my camera, take the photo, link the camera up to the computer and yadda yadda. So you can find me there sometimes as well as here and Twitter, and I think my email address is on the Contact tab up top.

Erm… That’s about it really!

Until next week,



Blog post word count: 562 words.


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