What makes a hero?

Yesterday, I was watching Jeremy Paxman’s programme on BBC One called Britain’s Great War. About three-quarters of the way into the programme came a section on shellshock and the impact of insanity.

Of course, then comes the section about Sassoon. As this feature started, I proclaimed loudly to my mum, “Oh, my absolute hero.”

Then it got me to thinking: why?

Is it the poetry? or the fiction? or the bravery and defiance? or just simply the man himself?

I suppose it’s all of those things. I often say that Sassoon would be one person I’d love to have met. But would I? I have such an ideal vision of Sassoon, slightly biased and definitely not accurate that to actually have met him and seen the “true” person, I probably wouldn’t have liked him. Well, they do say never meet your heroes. (As my life goes, I probably never will as most of them are dead already!)

It also got me to thinking about why we idolize people and why they are heroes, or, of course, heroines. In the fictional sense, it’s probably because they are doing daring things that we could never do (see: Tintin) or they embody something that we wish we could stand for or be.

In a non-fictional sense, well who knows?

Let us know who your heroes are whether fictional, non fictional or otherwise!

That’s all for now,



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