So apart from pacing around my room, reciting Coriolanus to myself, its been a pretty uneventful day.

My reading is pretty much spiralling out of control, I keep starting books and then don’t read them. I think I’ve got 6 books on the go at the moment, and am only about 20 – 50 pages into all of them (aside Coriolanus as I HAVE to read that).

Writing is also going terribly. Most of my time working on it is spent typing up old stuff and trying to fit the new stuff in somewhere. That’s the problem with trying to have a very rigid structure, I have to really worry about what goes where and when.

Other life stuff: I’ve recently been enjoying The Musketeers on BBC One though every episode leaves me horribly conflicted with all the liberties taken with the original story. The fact it is called The Musketeers rather than The Three Musketeers and that is does say “inspired by the characters of Alexandre Dumas” at the beginning help to soften the blow a little. No adaptation will ever be exact.

Sorry this is so short but my creative output is so limited at the moment that I really lack anything interesting to say!

That’s all for now,



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