In which I ponder pens. Again.

I have come to the conclusion that I have way too many pens.

Like seriously. So many. I have like six? Maybe? Pen storage containers on my desk and several pencil cases filled with the things. (Terrible Instagram photo here.) Although, some of those cases have twist up crayons, coloured pens and coloured pencils in them, so I guess that I wouldn’t really count those.

I don’t mind having lots of fountain pens, for some reason, but it’s the amount of -other- pens that I own. especially the simply obscene amount of ballpoints I’ve apparently acquired. Those annoy me the most I think, because they take so much longer to use up than other pens. Gel pens are easy to get through, I think, but maybe that’s because I write stupid amounts every day (mostly because I have the luxury of time) so it feels like I get through those much quicker. Plus they’re nicer to use than ballpoints, I find.

Fountain pens, are even nicer to use than gel pens. I don’t like travelling with them, even if it’s just putting one in a case in a bag while I travel in the car for half an hour, but that’s just my personal preference. Plus I have “fountain pen ADHD” – in regards to the fact that I can’t sit and use one fountain pen for a long time. I always end up wanting to switch after a couple of paragraphs. Now, that’s not to do with the pen – that is more to do with me and the fact that:
a) I have a mug with 12? fountain pens, 2 J.Herbin rollerball pens, 1 Pilot Petite 3 Fude pen and a Pilot Parellel pen in it, all inked up and needing to be used. (Although one of the 13 is a Lamy Vista with a 1.5mm nib which, paired with the Parellel, I used for dabbling in calligraphy, not every day writing like the rest of them):
b) They’re all inked up with different colours, and I like a lot of colour so I’m always wanting to change when I’m writing.
c) I just like using my pens and spreading the love, okay?

There’s a terrible Instagram photo of my currently inked pens right here. regarding the rollerballs and my lack of memory – I do this thing where I pick a cartridge and run it out. Then, instead of continuing on with the same colour, I pick one that’s from a similar colour family (from a pink cartridge to a purple cartridge) and let them blend and mix and… What not. I like the gradient that appears on the paper. Plus, I still have a load of ink cartridges that I need to get through, and, much like with the pens, I get bored with using one colour constantly. So, that’s why I can’t quite remember which exact cartridge is in those pens.

I don’t find myself using pencils very often, but somehow I still have loads of the things? I don’t know how that works? Then again, the ballpoint situation is similar. I just keep acquiring the things and I’m not entirely sure how? admittedly biros don’t take quite as long as I imagined to use up – I managed to get through a Bic Cristal in… About two months? Just under two months? Something like that, so I’ll take that as an average. That still means I have… Too many years’ worth of ballpoints to get through, and I really hate binning full pens. Unless they’re ones that I really won’t use. Like a stupid amount of the exact same highlighter, or big, fat marker pens. Or red ballpoints. I hate red biros. I don’t really like dark green or brown biros either. Give me any other colour any day.

By that logic, due the stupid amount of biros I have, the stupid amount of cartridges and the stupid amount of bottles of ink that I have – that would mean that I shouldn’t ever need to buy another pen related thing again until I’m at least… 30? Maybe? You’d be forgiven for thinking that. I mean, why have more pens than you can use, right? You can only write with one pen at once. So, why have more than… Say ten, in case you lose one?

But you’d be wrong. Oh, so wrong. That’s not quite how a pen addict thinks. So, I say “I have too many pens” but is that going to stop me buying them? Of course not. That would be silly.

Blog post word count: 750 words.


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