Me and the Midori – Part One: Some Musings.

Hey folks!

First thing’s first. The lovely, lovely Adam over at The Desk of Adam wrote a blog post inspired by my post last week, so you should all go and check that out. He’s recently tripped and fallen into the fountain pens and ink hobby that I, and so many others, are so fond of. He’s great and his website is gorgeous, go and check him out.

Secondly; I’d like to do like… An ask me anything, Q&A sort of post, so feel free to drop me some questions in the comments, or you can Tweet me, or swing by the ask box on my Tumblr.


So here’s the thing.

Just after Christmas, I caved in and ordered myself an ‘official’ Midori Traveler’s Notebook with some money that my darling father gave me for the festive season.

I am very aware that I have a cover or two like it already. I’m very aware of that, and I shall use those, as and when I feel like it, believe me I will. All in good time. I’m also aware that I may have been really unsure about the non-standard sizes, but considering the fact that I make notebooks now, this is no longer an issue.

I may have said in a previous post somewhere in the past that I couldn’t get my head around the price of the notebook itself and all the inserts, and that’s still true in some respects. Some of the online stores based in the UK do charge a fairly high price, but the shipping times are shorter, and the shipping costs are often free. I personally don’t mind waiting for things if it means saving a fairly large amount of money, so I ordered mine from – and I managed to get the notebook itself and a bunch of refills for a little over the price that some of the UK stockists charge for just the notebook. The shipping cost wasn’t even that high either, and nor was the waiting time.

Well. Actually, it took a little while for my order to be dispatched, but that’s because:
a) I ordered around the time of the Chinese New Year.
b) they had to wait for stock of one of the items I wanted.
c) I’d made two orders in a short space of time and they were kind enough to combine it all into one package for me.

So that really wasn’t a big deal. And when it was dispatched, I could track it, which I’m a sucker for (and slightly obsessive about), and even then, it took… Maybe a week? to arrive.

Okay so I just checked my emails. It was dispatched on Tuesday, January 21st. I sent my “ohmygod it’s here, thank you so much for your time and patience” email on Friday, January 24th. That alone blew me away, because, ohmygosh, fast much?

I had to wait a little longer for a couple of beads/charms that I’d ordered for it but that wasn’t too much of a big deal. I went through a couple of different charms for the bookmark before I settled on one quite accidently. I put it on, took it off and put something else on, then decided, no – the previous one was perfect. I’d purchased it thinking that it was bigger than it was (my fault, I need to re-learn how to read), but it actually turned out to be such a perfect size. It’s clear what it is, it’s not heavy and it’s not obtrusive. All positive points for me. The bead I chose for the closure strap might be a tad bulky but I really don’t care because I really like it. I think I need to run a touch of beeswax over the elastic though because it looks a little flyaway.

I’ve been using it since I got it and I’m absoloutely loving it. I made an insert out of all the sample sheets I had, used that up, and then made another one, which I used until the Midori arrived, then I just slipped it in. I’m still kinda working and tweaking the set up; I’m thinking that I might need to buy a pen loop and the file folder. I tried making my own of the latter, but I think the card I used is too thick on the one (or the three I made) that I like the best. I’ll think on it; I think I’m very nearly there with it all really. And that’s when I’ll give you guys pictures, because obviously there are none today. And, naturally, the weather today is perfect for taking pictures. Typical.

So on that note, I’m going to go and take advantage of the good weather to take some semi-decent photos.

Until next week!



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3 responses to “Me and the Midori – Part One: Some Musings.

  1. I am a big fan of Midori’s paper goods and often use their notebooks for scribbling on tarvels. I agree that many UK stockists charge way over the odds, but, if ever you are in London and have the time, pop into JP books who sometimes stock Midori goods at a decent price.

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