When Second Draft Doubt Takes Over

So I am in the middle of my second draft of the Silver Cathedral Saga. It is quite short for two stories, with both culminating to about 80,000 words, probably be about the same when it is all finished by the time I take some out and then add some more in. But that is still a lot of words to edit at the end of the day, and where there is more words–there is more pressure.

On the plus side, this has to be my most accurate second draft to date. Though it is also my slowest moving pace to date.

I don’t have the luxury of letting some mistakes slip by on this draft; which speeds up the process, because when you have writer’s fatigue at the end of a long day, you kinda need some leeway to make sure you don’t drop off into the deep end.

The saga is very technical, having to get the times of each day and night correct, which are made up because the characters are on another planet and very different to our own. Then I have a long list of Magickal rules, which correlates to the coming stories, and also to the additional one (Fatal Femmes). The thing is I love doing all this interwoven stuff, but it can get really complex, which is why I relate to very messy mind maps people will probably never understand, except me. Yet all this technical stuff is all background info people will not even notice, except the nitpickers. So it isn’t so hard to grasp in the story, or isn’t incredibly important. Although it is, because it makes the worlds more believable.

It’s not just working with one story, it never has been that way, even since the beginning. Most are interwoven with several if you look deep enough. Only people will never see this unless they read the entire Observer Chronicles. And with only one being out so far, they won’t come to see this for some time.

I am trying not to let the pressure get to me. I keep telling myself: Even the best writers do other editions because there is mistakes and problems with their books. Which is in fact true. THANK GOD!

All my stories except the two Silver Cathedral ones are done in such a way that they are individual stories in themselves. But readers can go beyond if they chose to. This was the reason I wanted to bring Silver Cathedral and 177th Swan into one e-book. So it feels like a full story at the end.

Anyway, from now on, all my posts will be under the name Marcus Riddle, my pen name.

That’s enough of me rambling today anyway.

M. Riddle here

Hope you all have a lovely weekend


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