Another one of these chaps! Sorry for the sub par blogging at the moment, uni and illness are getting in the way a bit!

1. What’s on your current book wishlist? If too many to list, describe what kind of things are on it.
I have both a goodreads list and an amazon wish list which are mostly the same but have some variation. At the moment I’m trying not to buy too many books as I just keep piling the new ones on top of each other and never get around to reading them. The wish lists contain a bit of everything though so take a wild guess!

2. If you could get just one of those as a gift right now, which would it be?
Well, as it was my birthday yesterday I was given two really great books, one being the Penguin By Design book which is quite hard to describe but is awesome and Joe Sacco’s The Great War which is even harder to describe but just as awesome. I think they need to be seen to be appreciated.

3. Are there any books in your collection that you want a different or secondary copy of?
Not at the moment. I have multiple copies of some books already but can’t think of any that I need another copy of at the moment!

4. When is the last time you sold/donated/otherwise got rid of books you didn’t want anymore?
I last had a clear out some time last year. It was hard but necessary. I could probably do with another one but as I have so many books it takes forever to sort them!

5. Do you have any books written in a language other than your native tongue?
Yes. I have a copy of Hound of the Baskervilles in French for some reason and Flemish and French copies of some of the Tintin books. For Harry Potter I have: Spanish, Irish, Afrikaans, Norwegian and German. I bought the first two books in German when I was on the German exchange with school (I can’t read or speak German…at all!) and the others were gifts from various globe trotting family members.

That’s all for now,



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