Review: Gorjuss Tweed Notebook/Travel Journal/Binder.

Hey guys!

Taking a small break from from my Midori posts this week because I want to talk about something I got last week.

As most of you may or may not know, I use a Filofax. I use a few, actually, although one is a Paperchase branded binder. But I own several. I kind of fell into the Filofax community by accident, which was different to falling into the fountain pen and fountain pen ink community. I knew I was falling into that one. I wasn’t aware that I was falling into the planner community. I don’t think I’ve fallen in as deep as some people though, so I’m reasonably proud of myself for that.

Anyway. I’ve been eyeing up this… Let’s call it a binder for now, for a very long time and I only recently decided “oh, screw it” and purchased the thing. I think one of the reasons why I was so hesitant was because I don’t know anyone else who has one, but I’ve been using one of the thin, A5 Gorjuss notebooks recently, and the thing is beautiful, so I figured, eh, why not.


Some basic information:
Design: “I Found My Family In A Book”, but also comes in “On Top Of The World” and “White Rabbit”.
Dimensions: About 6 inches wide, 7 and a half inches tall and just under an inch and a half thick.
Rings: It has six silver rings with the same layout and spacing as a Filofax Personal binder. They’re about 20mm – my measuring isn’t the most accurate. I feel that a bronze colour would’ve looked nicer, but I understand that it’s easier to buy binder rings in bulk in silver.
Fastening: Brass? button like snap closure.

Logo EmbossingOpen Book Embossing There’s some really nice little details too. On the ‘leather’ spine piece on the front is an embossing of the phrase “I Found My Family In A Book” (which was really hard to get a photo of.) On the back, there’s an embossing of the Santoro Gorjuss logo and an open book. These details are really hard to get photos of, so I hope that you can see them.

Spine Embossing

It comes with 300 pages; blank, lined and grid; different colours, light markings and different pictures. The blank paper is pale pink with “I Found My Family In A Book” in white in the bottom outer corner on the front side of each page. The lined paper is pale green, I think, with a pale print of the same Gorjuss girl that’s on the front of the journal on the outer corner on the back of each page. The grid paper is pale yellow with a pair of scissors on the outer bottom corner on the front side, and an open on in the lower outer corner on the back side of each page. I’m not sure if the colours are going to be the same in the other two variations of these journals, but I would imagine that the phrase/s and pictures would be different to go along with the design on the front. I wasn’t able to get good photos of the designs because everything is so pale. I know that the paper is pretty good too, because, as I said, I’ve been using one of the Gorjuss A5 stitched notebooks, and the paper in that is the same. It doesn’t hold up too well to really wet inks but ballpoints and not too inky/fine tipped gel pens work great.

P1000693 The outer cover made of tweed and… Possibly leather I’m not quite sure, but it looks like leather. It has contrasting cream stitching (on this design anyway – other designs may have other colours). Inside of the binder is dark brown felt with red stitching. The inner front cover has three horizontal card sized slots and a fourth deeper one with a vertical pocket behind those. The inside back cover just has the vertical pocket. P1000694

It also has a cardstock-like pouch, two “end papers” for lack of a better term, with appropriate graphics and three contact information cards. You can see a brief glimpse of one of the “end papers” in one of the photos above, and the contact information cards to the below left. P1000696 The pouch slash storage envelope has the same “I Found My Family In A Book” design on the front, and the end papers have the same design on one side and a portrait like design on the other. Again, I’d imagine that each of the three binders has corresponding images.

Something I really like is the size of the paper. As I said; the rings in the book are the exact same layout as Filofax Personal binders; so the paper is the same height. But the paper in the Gorjuss binder is wider by about… An inch. Just under an inch. Look:

There’s no pen loop or anything of the kind but there’s enough space between the edge of the paper and the loop of the strap to add in a stick on one if you cut a flyleaf to the right size. Or you could hook a pen clip into one of the pockets. That would work too.

I think maybe the 300 pages and the two end papers, and the storage envelope it comes with are a bit much for the binder to hold. I read somewhere that your binder inserts shouldn’t sit too close to the join on the binder rings, and the contents of this binder are very close so I don’t think you could totally “stuff” it, which a lot of planner people like to do.

Overall? I really like it. I’m pleased I got it. It’s pretty, a good size and the little details are great. Plus the amount of paper is darn awesome. I’d like to see some more designs and maybe some brighter colours, but I think Gorjuss are adding more girls to the general range, so there’s hope for that at least.

Any questions, leave me a comment!

Might be back to the Midori posts next week, we’ll see.

Until then,



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5 responses to “Review: Gorjuss Tweed Notebook/Travel Journal/Binder.

  1. Sam

    Do you know where you can purchase any Gorjuss refills for this? I know normal Filofax paper fits. But in the future I don’t really want the journal to be filled with those refills as they just aren’t as aesthetically pleasing.

    I’ve googled it and can’t seem to find anywhere?

    • kenounirenashin

      I haven’t found any anywhere either, but I’m more than happy to print/cut/use my own paper and stuff so I didn’t really think about that.
      Scannin/copying the sheets that are already in there and printing those might be an option maybe?
      I’m not sure, but I’ve contacted Santoro to see if they know anything 🙂

    • kenounirenashin

      They emailed me back – apparently
      “Unfortunately we do not currently produce refills for our tweed notebooks.”

  2. Your so lucky. If I am going to drop money on a planner, I’d want it too look like this. So cute.

    • kenounirenashin

      The Gorjuss stuff is adorable. And much cheaper than most planner brands I’ve found. Although, with the Gorjuss binders you don’t really get diary inserts, not even with the travel ones. But I think, considering the ring size and spacing, inserts are easy to find (or make if you’re that way inclined.)
      Thank you for taking the time to stop by, read and comment! 🙂

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