Sorry for the very brief posts at the moment but I am currently doing essay research for a 2,500 word essay on Shakespeare’s Coriolanus (among other versions) where I actually have no idea what I want to say yet. That’s just how it goes unfortunately.

Therefore, most of my reading has been of varying things around the Coriolanus story and not much else. I have been doing some reading for my Great War Reads blog, but again essay writing (and general laziness) have stopped me!

I had my most recent uni tutorial this weekend which helped to squash some of the initial Shakespeare fear, though not by much. The other in my group did confess to struggling with it slightly as well, so at least I know I’m not alone!

I’ve acquired quite a few books in recent weeks, and if I had the confidence my computer wouldn’t delete the photos off my SD card (which it has done several times) I’d do a photo book haul sort of thing. Maybe that will come up soon!

That’s all for now,



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