Me and the Midori – Part 2: Why. (Of Explanations and Singing Frogs.)

Hey guys!

So. Part 2.

“Danni,” you say, “You said that you have a couple of covers like the Midori, so why did you get an ‘official’ one?”

Now there’s a question. (I should warn you that this might be a long one.)

I don’t remember when I first heard about the Midori, or where I first saw it. But, I saw it, did some research, watched some videos and saw other people’s set ups and whatnot (because that’s how you do it) and not long later I ordered my A5 version (which needs more love, actually. I’m going to work on that.) Or did I order my little black A6/Field Notes size first? I don’t remember.

Oh! I think I first heard about the Pelle journal which was* a very similiar system either on The Pen Addict podcast or… It might’ve been on a blog post on Gourmet Pens. Something like that I think.

*(I say was because you can’t get it any longer I believe.)

I was a bit iffy about the Midori before, mostly because of the strange size. Which is why I got… Many others; an A5 from BroLeatherWorks, an A6/Field Notes sized from a different seller on Etsy and then a Moleskine Cahier sized one from BroLeatherWorks. Actually that last one is a touch bigger than the Cahier notebooks. Just a smidge, but enough to prevent all my notebooks jutting out. Later on, when I started hearing more and more about the actual Midori, one of my favourite YouTubers, Rhomany, reviewed a Passport sized FauxDori she got from eBay. I had been pondering the Passport Midori for a week or so before this, and I thought, well, at that price, it’s not going to hurt to get one to try, is it? So, I did and then I started making notebooks for it. Not long after that, in like, January on the 2nd or so? I asked Ray Blake of My Life All In One Place to make me another Field Notes sized one (which is gorgeous and it now lives in my bag so I use it when I’m out and about.) So yeah, I have… Is that five we’re up to? And only one is an actual Midori size. Sometime between getting the Passport size and the end of the year (according to my eBay feedback history, I got the Faux Passport size around the beginning of October). So, between the last week of September and Christmas, I researched into the Standard size Midori. And naturally, I started thinking about it. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many imitations you have (apparently no matter how good they – are and the ones I have are fabulous – and I do love them all – you will always end up back at the “original.”)

So, that’s how that happened. Or at least, that’s the chain of events that started getting me thinking about the actual thing.

Somewhere in September, I stumbled across this one of Rhomany’s videos. In fact, I might’ve been subscribed to her channel at this point, so it probably popped up in my subscription feed. I watched it, most probably because I’d watched a ton of her videos since I subscribed and I was just like “another video, gimme.” Around the 12 minute mark, she starts talking about a year long journalling class called “When Frogs Sing” (written information is here if you prefer to read rather than listen/watch) and… I really liked the sound of it.

I didn’t give it much serious thought, really, but it kept sitting in the back of my head and waving to get my attention.I gave the thought more attention nearer Christmas, and I’m pretty sure that I’d mentally made up my mind to do the class in the second week of December, although I didn’t properly admit it until the last week of the month (and indeed the last week of the year.) I had a “screw it, I really want to do it and why the hell shouldn’t I?” moment. Sort of a “I don’t often do stuff like that just purely for me.” So, I signed up just before the class started on January 1st.

When I was giving the class some serious thought, one of the things that kept popping up was: “what would you use for this? Which one of your very many notebooks would you deem worthy?” That was a tough question in itself – I have a lot of notebooks, and I spent a long time going through the pictures of the old ones, and stacks of the new ones – I wanted to make sure I had something that I could stick to for a year without it getting unbearable and annoying. (I have this issue with journals – if they’re too big or if they’re bound ‘wrong’ then I get bored of them half way through and it’s harder for me to finish them. I do, but then it puts me off journalling in a new book for awhile afterwards. Yeah, I’m odd like that.) So, after going through my (massive) stash of notebooks several times, I made a shortlist and settled back to think about it some more, while still watching videos and reading blog posts on the Midori Traveler’s Notebook.

I think I finally decided that I was going to get one after a small series of events:
a) I played with some Midori paper samples from The Journal Shop and decided that yes, I can work with that size
b) Dad told me he was giving me money for Christmas.
c) I found the website and did some calculations and conversions.

So, I placed an order in the first week of January, had to wait a short time for the site to get some stock, got my shipping notification on the 21st, and the (quite large) parcel was in my hands on the 24th. Yeah. Three days later. I was prepared to have to wait about a week or two. Only having to wait three days was lovely and it took me about three minutes to start playing with it all.

I figured that the Midori would be an awesome solution, because I could use the same cover, and the notebooks are relatively thin so that I don’t get that “I’m so bored of this notebook” feeling and I also avoid that feeling of the book being bound the wrong way because the inserts can’t be too thick so they can only really be staple bound or sewn in… Coptic stitch? I think. I mean, they can only really be one signature, which is much more relaxed than a huge notebook with several signatures. Plus, the standard size is a nice size. A5 feels perhaps a bit too big for me to journal in, the Passport Midori is a touch too tiny and the Standard sits nicely in the middle. I like it. Plus, it feels rustic and… I just really like it.

So there you go. That’s why (I decided to get one) and what (I’m using it for) and when (I got it/I’m using it). Pictures are coming, don’t worry. Though I’ve changed the set up since I took the first lot of photos so I think I might have to take another set. We’ll see how the weather behaves, or if I switch my set up again.

Until next week guys,



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4 responses to “Me and the Midori – Part 2: Why. (Of Explanations and Singing Frogs.)

  1. Funny post! That’s true that the more you have the more you want…

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  3. “it doesn’t matter how many imitations you have (apparently no matter how good they – are and the ones I have are fabulous – and I do love them all – you will always end up back at the “original.” I really love this! Well, maybe I kinda searching for excuses, but we have common. No matter how many of similarity and quality, I’m dying to have the “original” one 🙂

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