50 Pages Until…

So I am only fifty pages away until I have finished the second draft of the Silver Cathedral Saga. There isn’t a lot in red highlighted; I have been taking the time and trying my hardest to get as much of it right at this stage. There are a few things that I will have to reconsider, but nothing major at this point.

So when I finish, I will be having a week off the project–to start another.

A one I knew I had to do at some point. This was originally going to be a project for a client who managed a ballet company, but the ship sailed… then sank. And I don’t see why I have to keep it secret for the rest of my life, because I know it has a lot of potential at its core.

It is called ‘Wolf and Owl’. And if people have read my Dreamers novella, they will recognise both the story and title.

A week isn’t long enough to do what I want with it, but I will be beginning the process at this time.

Yet another journey.

It will lengthen the Nexus Chamber Saga, and will be, when finished, sold with Dreamers. So if people want to look into this other story some of my characters have come from–they can.

I thought about making it a short story, but it really wouldn’t do it justice when I was given enough time to think on it. It has an omniscient first part, then the next two are from the siblings’ view points. So I don’t think there would be enough words in a short story!

I always knew the Observer Chronicles would be a huge project. But I never knew it would continue to grow after I had planned every inch of it out. Then again–things can always be better–so why not try to go with it!!!

I have planned a shorter, new series called ‘The Metaphysical Chronicles’, but in all honesty this is only if I ever completely finish the ‘Observer Chronicles’. Although the newer series is shorter, it is much deeper to look and read at. It has that sense of, ‘there is something here I am not seeing yet’ feeling. I have already plotted the vital points of the time line, and started parts of it. So it is a project I would LOVE to do. But it’s another thing if I will live long enough to make it what I want… especially with the way things are going at the minute.

When you are a writer–the word ‘COMPLETE’ is a hard one to get to; reflecting the word with your stories is–EVEN HARDER.

M. Riddle here.

Have a good weekend!


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