Finishing Things. Rule Sixteen.

“Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside.” Hugh MacLeod

So I am going to make a bit of a journey to finish the unfinished things on this blog I was doing in the past. Like the rules I was posting for x amount of weeks about creativity, from the book Ignore Everybody.

As well as finish this long list of ideas I never told you all about. I believe I was up to… *checks old posts* Okay, I just checked the list, and before I continue, there is several other ideas I have added. Not a lot considering the lengthy lapse though. They are:

  • The List
  • Spaced Out
  • Feather
  • My Fairy Tale Complex

and of course the ideas I am working on at the minute, which are the latest additions to the list:

  • Silver Cathedral and:
  • 177th Swan

I can not find which idea I exactly left of with, but have been giving you my more better ideas on here anyway through the years. So there is very little lost and left. I will figure it out eventually, when I go through every single post, bit by bit. But until then, it is a waiting game.

The List is supposed to be a Christmas story. Spaced Out, a young adult, but philosophical approach to living.

Feather I have told you all about ages ago. It is linked to another story, if I ever get to it!

My Fairy Tale Complex is one of the three books in the next Metaphysical Chronicles I will be working, after the other four stories are finished .

Also, I have decided to put on here what little writing I will do for my next first draft work. Hence the word FIRST DRAFT!

I’ve noticed writing fiction so the public can see it is a good way to stay motivated, because people know when you’re slacking off.

So, the Wolf and Owl will be starting in some weeks. I still have about thirty odd pages to edit before I can start it. Hoping by the end of the month I can! I like to think of the story as my own fairy tale, it fits into the theme of that, but isn’t about a happy ending though. Yet it does have an important moral underneath to learn from. I am really exited about writing it though. Something different to look forward to and work on.

That’s all from me

Thanks for reading

M. Riddle


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