Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth last week, but once again (say it with me now) I am slowly getting lost under a pile of uni work.

This lot is on Shakespeare and sometimes I just can’t get my head around it. The story is all very well, but I can’t find myself caring about the critical part.

What else?

Some time in the near future, I am hoping to do what I affectionately call “the book purge”. I did one a year or so ago and it resulted in me getting rid of so many books that I just didn’t need. You could argue I don’t need many of my books, but we won’t go there just now.

I’m at the point where piles are forming and there’s just nowhere to put any new books. They’re piled up the side of cabinets, on the floor, in a crate under the bed. They are everywhere.

The categories will be 1) Stuff I could never part with, 2) Stuff that I want to keep but could get rid of if forced and 3) To go.

Last time if I hadn’t read anything in at least a year or two and had no immediate intention to read it soon, it went. If I had read a book once and didn’t think I would read it again or it didn’t mean something specific to me (favourite authors etc.) it went.

And then I just bought more to fill the space!

Have you ever tried to slim down your book collection? How successful/unsuccessful were you? Let us know!



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