Me and the Midori: Part 3 – Look At All That Stuff.

Hello folks!

So here we go with part three, and I’m going to disappoint you right off of the bat. This post is still not about the book itself. We’re getting there, don’t worry. Plus, it gives me more time to settle into the thing, to finalise how I like it set up. And for it to get a bit scuffed and loved. I don’t consider that a bad thing.

It is however, a fairly picture heavy post!

Okay. We know what pushed me into buying an actual Midori, how I came to hear of them, what I’m going to use it for and all of that good stuff. So now we’re going to see what I use alongside it. Or, the small bag if things I have alongside it that I intend to use with it.

The stack o' stuff

The stack o’ stuff

The small bag is a bag organiser I got from ebay for a couple of pounds. It’s pretty handy actually, and is a good size to put the standard sized Midori and/or inserts in lengthways. (I actually think these little organisers are better sized for both sized Midoris than they are for Filofaxes, but that’s my personal opinion.) I do think the handles are a bit naff, but they are is only supposed to be used to take the thing in and out of a handbag. Actually, Rhomany did a good review of one. The orange box is an old gift box that I got some Body Shop stuff in a Christmas or two ago. It’s a pretty sturdy box actually.

Inside the box - just a peek.

Inside the box – just a peek.

I use the box as somewhere to keep scraps of paper, bits from magazines, sheets of stickers and various other interesting bits of… Stuff. It’s pretty full at the moment so I should actually use some more of it. (Note to self: work on that.) I’m not going to show you everything that’s in here, because, it’s mostly just scraps of magazines, and those are really just personal preference. There’s a lot of scraps from video game magazines and stationery stuff in there, if I’m totally honest with you.

Right. Now onto the bag itself. First, the outside pockets. I’ve taken photos of the stuff inside the pockets so you can get a vague idea of what pockets there are to play with, and the stuff out of the pockets so you can have a better look.

Side A - with stuff in

Side A – with stuff in

Side A - stuff out of pockets

Side A – stuff out of pockets

So, in this pocket we just have a couple of still carded pen loops (which I got from WHSmiths for about £1.99 a piece), a small bag of various binder clips and three paper tapes.

Side B - stuff out of pockets

Side B – stuff out of pockets

Side B

Side B

And on this side we have… More paper tapes, some sticky notes with divider tabs and one of those making tape sets in the kraft folder thing instead of the tin. Yes, I do get a lot of things from WHSmiths, that is a thing.

Now I’ll show you a top down view before going through the two zip pockets, if I have anything in those and then I’ll look in the main compartment itself.

Top down view with the zips open. Jeez that's full.

Top down view with the zips open. Jeez that’s full.

So, if you look to the bottom, ish, you’ll see a flash of white. That’s the cloth bag that you get in the box with has you Midori in it. You get one of those bags no matter which size Midori you get and the only critisism I have is that it’s not a drawstring bag. It’s a nice little extra though. Let’s see what I keep in it.

Oh look, inserts.

Oh look, inserts.

That’s a 013, a 014 and a 003 which I believe are a lightweight paper insert, a kraft insert and a plain insert. If you look closer, you’ll see that my inserts have rounded corners. All of my inserts have rounded corners. It took an absoloute age because my corner rounder can only do a couple of pages at a time, at a push (more for the lightweight paper but still, no more than three pages I think) but I just prefer the way it looks. Now for the main compartment. Ready? I think there’s a lot in this one.


Okay. The top row consists of a pencil tin, a pencil case, a pencil roll and then a smaller tin of graphite pencils. Then you have the boxthe Midori came in which I believe contains the spare elastic, the separate elastics and the papery bits. Then on top of that you have a couple of cardboard folders I made, that I haven’t tried out yet.

On the bottom row we have yet more inserts; a plain and three lightweight paper ones (can you tell which is my favourite?) And again, all those corners are rounded. Then we have a fun coloured Papermate Inkjoy multi pen (and to be honest I’m not entirely sure why that’s there because I think it’s supposed to be somewhere else.) And finally, a selection of magnetic bookmarks. That Wildlife one has one missing from the pack, and I do know exactly what it is and where it is.

But Danni, we want to know what’s in your pencil cases! I hear you cry. And I should imagine that you do, but that is what I’m going to cover in Part 4.

Until next week!



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