Me and the Midori: Part 4 – In the Case Of…

*(Or, cases. Let’s be honest. No pen addict only has one pen case.)

Hey guys.

So, last time I promised you a look inside the pen cases I keep in the ‘bag organiser’ where I hoard all my Midori stuff, so that’s what you’re going to get.

Pen Cases
There are four cases there and only three of them are stuff in my organiser. The top left one is my Kickstart reward from the Nock Co. campaign, so don’t worry about that one for now.

Paperchase Tin
First up, the pencil tin on the right with all the London images on it. Naturally, I got this one from Paperchase. In this one, we have my watercolour pencils from WHSmiths (they have “Just add water” on them in silver, which I love) and a waterbrush.

PenRoll from eBay
Then, in the brown pen-roll, which I got from eBay for… under £2 I think, we have the following:


That goes from right to left in the picture of the pens in the case up there. Not entirely sure why I wrote it like that, but there you go. I really like those gel pens, and the lids are pretty cute. Plus they were pretty cheap – I think I paid just under £3 for all four? They’re thin too, so they’d probably fit in most organiser pen loops.

Finally we have that bigget pencil case. That’s made from oxblood red leather, and I got that from eBay too. That one was a little more expensive – I think I paid £6 or so for it (I can’t remember, but I know it wasn’t more than £7) but, I really like it and don’t regret that. The eBay seller had lots of different colours and a few different things in their shop. The seller was… Leather on the High Street. I have a picture on my Instagram of this case, my Personal Wine Holborn Filofax and my Midori.

So first, we have the big “group shot” of the stuff:



Right ColumnAnd then, two close ups for the different “columns.” Things in the column on the right that aren’t on the scan I’ll show you in a minute are:
~ a Uni-Ball Kura Toga with a gel grip
~ Kura Toga leads, Pilot Eno red leads and some, I think Pilot coloured leads
~ a Faber Castell triangular eraser.

Left Column Y’see, these are all things that I’d like to be using in my Midori, that I plan on using, but currently I just can’t put down my fountain pens. I don’t think it’s a bad thing, but it’s not… Not quite what I planned, which is slightly odd, but hey, they’ll still be there when I want them.

Right; here’s the scan of what those pens look like – excuse the highlighter smudging please, I’m not sure what happened there.

Tell you what though guys. It’s a good job I’m not doing this with every pencil case that I own. That would be… Quite the post.

So that’s what I keep in these cases and they’re all pens I’m actually really rather fond of. Then again, I don’t think I own any pens that I don’t like; maybe a few that I’m not sure about but that’s an unrelated post.

Until next time folks!



Blog post word count: 549 words.


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