Wolf and Owl PT 2

“The most important thing a creative person can learn professionally is where to draw the red line that separates what you are willing to do from what you are not.” Hugh MacLeod

Bare in mind this is a rough draft. A very rough draft. I have not done as much research as I would have liked on some stuff, but that can all be sorted out when I have more time at the beginning of next year!

Angela and Ben were in the hospital in the delivery room.

Doctors and nurses were all around, and Ben, as hard as he tried, could not watch. He just gripped his wife’s hand tightly by her side, yet not as tight as her when she had contractions, keeping his eyes closed.

And his wife was so focussed on the getting these babies out that she didn’t have time to pay attention to what her husband’s eyes were doing.

Angela threw her head back in agony, her own face being tremendously red with water almost following, ready to drop from both eyes.

She opened her eyes, hoping the pain would somehow disappear, but it didn’t—instead a different kind of pain came to her—when she saw someone watch her on the outside of the door through the window. She propped herself up when she shouldn’t have, as it made her feel very uncomfortable this person was here.

Get him away,” she said, pointing to the door in a loud outburst.

Ben now opened his eyes and looked at where she pointed… but there was nothing there, except a few doctors and nurses walking by.

I won’t let you ruin them,” screamed Angela still looking as if there really was someone there. It frightened every single person in the room, making them uncomfortable. Everybody gave a look, as if none of them really knew how to answer her.

You have to calm down and get back into position,” said one of the nurse’s trying to get her back on track.

Angela done as she was asked, but she wallowed inside, thinking of what this man was going to do. She started shaking, not being able to concentrate at what was at hand and needed to be done. The to be mother was too busy thinking about the future, and if its outcome would end well—at all.

The first ones coming,” said the nurse who seemed more exited than the mother at this time. She held up the baby. “One healthy girl.”

Angela screamed again as the other inside her seemed to try and make itself into the world without any help.

Okay, come on. Keep going,” said the mid wife.

No, I can’t,” cried Angela to her husband. “I can’t do all this just to lose them.”

All those in the room looked more than uncomfortable now.

This new mother was talking about something she was determined they were all in the dark about, only they couldn’t address this clear problem right now.

Thanks for reading!

M. Riddle




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