Wolf and Owl PT 3

“The world is changing.” Hugh MacLeod

Time omitted itself with work that was normal to all, at least on a world as such as this.

There’s my three favourite people in all of Ardan,” said Ben to his wife coming back with some much needed tea for the two of them.

I appreciate your enthusiasm, Ben, but you know I don’t buy bullshit. Never say anything unless you know it to be absolutely true. And we haven’t even had one entire day with these two yet.”

She had one of her babies on one side of her and the other on the other upon the gurney. There was also bed support put up on both sides so they would not fall off, bars which held them in.

So, any clues as to what to call them yet?” said Ben, still sounding enthusiastic. She smiled at his persistence and positivity.

I always liked the name Lucy for a girl,” said Angela looking at her new born female child staring up at her, being curious about the world, clenching her little hands as she tried to look around.

Hmm,” sounded Ben.

What?” asked Angela, thinking there was some resistance to the name immediately.

I always liked the name Liam,” he said.

Liam? For a girl? Don’t make me say it.”

No, no, no. I meant for the…”

Angela held herself for as long as possible without laughing, but then filled the room with her cheery loudness.

Thought I would have learned by now,” said Ben.

You and me both… but Liam.” She then looked at the boy as she said the name. “Yes, I believe that would fit quite well. Lucy and Liam… Liam and Lucy. “Yes, I really do like it,” she said, sounding happy but tired all at once. She laid back down with the babies still quite calm on either side, but then popped back up to sip her cup of tea carefully before giving it back to her husband to put at the side

Angela immediately felt warm inside; from both the drink and this wonderful feeling of excitement bubbling up.

She sighed from a place that was not from relief, but more from a realisation of her life being a good one—in a good place.

Even though she forgot about something vitally important, that something that was pushed to the back of her head; at least for now.

It was at the beginning of the next day when the now new family of four left the hospital.

Yet as Angela walked and thanked the reception, also giving thanks to the nurses and people who helped her, she saw him again.

This time she dropped Lucy from her right hand, who was luckily enough protected by the baby carrier, but still caused the child to wake and scream all the same.

Ben looked at his wife, alarmed. His eyes were so wide that she was afraid of him; she had never seen him this way before. He was holding Liam in an identical baby carrier, just plain grey with a poker dot pattern of vibrant colours for the material on the inside. The lack of noise or speech, or anything, made it harder for Angela.

They all pushed on, and it wasn’t until they were all ready to go in the car, and Lucy finally fell back asleep, that Ben finally spoke.

What is happeni—”

It was him again. The one I saw in the delivery room. The one I saw when he told me I was… pregnant. Before anybody else ever knew.”

This person, how often do you see him?” asked Ben.

Only when something is shifting. When something in my life changes. Be it good or bad—he is always there. Him, or some strange woman I have only seen once. I just don’t understand it. Any of it.”

Do you think your ability of sight is doing this?” asked Ben holding her hand, trying to soothe her troubled mind.

I can only see the auras of people still; where they are going, where they have been. Nothing has made me think this could be something more from the same ability.”

Are you scared that it is possible your sight could manifest itself in ways?”

Angela gave a burdened look before she looked away and answered. “You have not seen the evil we can do, Ben. All of us. It takes just a single tragic event for any of us to change.” She then turned to him, as if she plucked up some courage. “If I could manifest that into reality… I can’t even think about what could happen—it could destroy countless lives—not just our own.”



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