Me and the Midori: Part 5 – Drumroll, please.

Hey guys!

Well. Part five. I am pretty impressed with myself with that. And I’ve stuck to my “every other week” posting schedule for these. Here are the other parts, go forth and read those first, if you like. They’ll all open in a new tab or window (I forget which). I’ll wait.
Part One – Some Musings
Part Two – Why. (Of Explanations and Singing Frogs.)
Part Three – Look At All That Stuff.
Part Four – In The Case Of…

So! Today we’ll have a look at my actual Midori. About time, I hear you say. I was working up to it, I swear. Naturally, there will be a couple of pictures.


There it is. (Excuse the backdrop, I’m still working on that.) I have the regular/standard size in the brown, because I felt that the brown would age better? I am thinking about a black one in the Passport size. (Pfft, like I need another one. Shhhush.)

Naturally, I have a charm on the bookmark, and a charm/bead on the elastic, which mostly only there so I have something to get my fingers around to open the notebook. (And, I take my elastic off the book over instead of under, to add to that discussion.) So, a closer look at my charms:

FrogBead Ahh, you can see my slightly fuzzy orange elastic here too. I keep meaning to quickly run some beeswax over that to try to tame it some more. Anyway. I love this little bead. I was browsing eBay while I was waiting for to get some of my items in stock, looking for a couple of charms for my (not even yet posted) Midori and I stumbled across these beads. Considering the name of the journalling class I signed up for, the reason why I ordered one of these, I thought that this bead would be absolutely perfect. It’s quite heavy because it’s a glass lampwork bead, but it seems solid enough that it’s not going to break (yet). I do have a back up anyway, and they weren’t overly expensive. (Which reminds me, I should get a couple more.)

OwlCharm And, naturally, me being me and being the owl-like individual that I am, I had to get an owl charm. This one was actually much smaller than I thought it was going to be. (That was my fault for not reading the eBay listing properly), but the size is actually pretty perfect for the end of the bookmark. It’s not incredibly intrusive, which I like; I did try the bead on the end of the bookmark and that was just too heavy and I was far too worried that it was going to break (I’m less worried about that issue while the bead is on the elastic.) I went with… I think this was listed as bronze, because I thought the brown leather and a bronze colour would look really nice together and I think it looks great (I should probably get a couple more of these too).

I don't know what it is about the Midori but I love the way it looks like this. Most of these are probably claw marks from my dog now that I think about it.

I don’t know what it is about the Midori but I love the way it looks. Most of these are probably claw marks from my dog now that I think about it.

The other half regularly says to me, “I don’t understand why you’re happy with letting that thing get all scratched and beaten up, but if someone even breathes funny near your Filofax, you look ready to kill something” (or words to that effect). And, it’s quite funny really, because he’s absolutely right, and I know that I’m not the only one. I belong to a couple of Midori and Filofax groups on Facebook. There’s a fair amount of cross over in the user base of each and everyone seems to have the same sort of mindset. I’m not overly surprised really, Filofaxes are so gosh darn expensive (and I’m very fortunate that the previously mentioned other half got me the one I use for Christmas a few years ago. And it was nicely discounted when he got it too.)


A lot of people like to “stuff”; their Midoris. I think mine is about average really, and I’m quite happy with that. I think I’d be happy with one really thick notebook and a few other non-notebook inserts in mine, but I quite like what I’ve got going on right now. My current set up allows for a quick replacement of the main notebook too, which is pretty awesome. It’s only really taken me… Three or four tweaks to get it this way, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to go and change it again; I mean, it’s so easy to do it’s probable that I will. But anyway! You really want to see inside, so here we go.

ZipPocket1    You open up my Midori and the first thing you see is this – the zip pocket insert (which is wrapped around everything.) In that we have a couple of paperclips with owls on, some sticky tabs, a spare Midori elastic and a couple of my hairbands (never hurts to have some kicking around.) You will also see a little thing with a frog on it – that’s the missing magnetic bookmark/clip/thing from one of the packs in this photo. I believe the paperclips were from the… I want to say Wonderland? range from Paperchase that came out about a year or so ago. Obviously I got them because of the owls. The sticky tabs I got from Asda for… Pennies. Something like 89p which is really cheap, and they’re really good actually. I’ve got a few in the notebook I was using before and, while I think the colour might be coming off from where the tabs are a little creased, they’re still pretty sturdy.

FolderYou flip the zip pocket and the green thing open and you see this ->
The green this is a folder type insert I made myself; it was just the first one and I know there’s a bunch of improvements I can do, but I’m quite fond of the thing for now. That there mess of colour you see is a insert I made out of some cheap sketching paper. (The folder insert is wrapped around this particular insert.) I found some twist up cryaons while clearing out and tidying my desk and just felt like doing something with them. I find colouring quite soothing to be honest, even if the result does look like a My Little Pony threw up on the page. Or something. Either way, it’s relaxing and I enjoy it. Plus, the shapes remind me of ink spills and… Well. I do love me some pens and ink. In that pocket of the folder you see there, I just have some lists of… Various stuff  believe. In the pocket on the other side I have some loose slips of paper, so nothing entirely interesting.

MiddleBook This is what’s after the first ‘insert’ – my main notebook, which is this case is a Midori lightweight paper notebooks and book number #3 for my When Frogs Sing course, which is why there’s a meditating frog on the cover. That’s how I’ve been decorating all these notebooks so far, and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon. I like that frog; he makes me smile. I’m really liking the paper though, which is probably why I have another four? or so of the notebooks in reserve. I like the way they feel and I like the noise the paper makes. Maybe I’m a little strange that way.

I’m not going to show you what’s inside that notebook, as it’s virtually all writing (with a few things stuck in here and there) because it’s all quite personal and I’m not sure how to censor it all yet. But that’s how I’m journalling currently – pages and pages of words.

1stInsertNext up we have the very first Midori insert I ever used, and the first I made, actually (by somehow sticking and sewing together a bunch of Midori paper samples I had). I keep this in here for a couple of reasons:
a) it helps with the knot in the back cover.
b) this is the insert I feel I’ve been the most creative in, even if it was only a bunch of stick figures. I keep it around to remind me that I can be kinda creative and have it turn out okay. Plus, I’m actually really fond of how terrible the whole thing is – it’s so… Amateur in the way it’s put together, but it’s fun and… Comfortable. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? But I look through that and it’s just like… Putting slippers on after a long day in new shoes. That sort of feeling. I don’t know how else to explain it really, but I keep it around as a gentle nod to why I’m doing all this in the first place. Plus I’m just horribly fond of the thing.

BackPocket.Finally, we have the other half of the zipper pocket insert. That just has a couple of squares of apper with some doodles on and a cut out of a watercolour hummingbird tattoo. I love those tattoos, I think they’re absoloutely gorgeous and I kinda want one (because apparently two tattoos aren’t enough). There’s no special signiciance to the squares – I just cut up some paper to doodle on; I have a small stack of the squares on my desk and pull one out when I want to doodle shapes or something while I think. I guess I couldn’t think of anywhere better to put the things at the time. And now I just see no reason to move them, because I don’t really have anything else to put in that pocket. I’m sure I’ll come up with something at some point, but I’m not really in any rush.

So that’s it! That’s how I have my Midori, and I’m darn happy with it for now. I’m pretty much in love with the thing. Not enough to name it, but… We’ll see about that. It may gain an affectionate nickname (like my LEUCHTTURM1917 Master notebook – that is affectionately referred to as “the paving slab” because, well, that’s what it’s like) but I doubt it will get an actual name.

Wow. This has been a post and a half. If you’re still here, thank you! I’ll be back next week with something shorter. Hopefully.

Until then,



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2 responses to “Me and the Midori: Part 5 – Drumroll, please.

  1. Barbs

    Can I ask, how did you get on with ordering from
    I’m thinking of taking the plunge into the world of Midori and their prices are so much cheaper.
    Love your charms!

    • kenounirenashin

      I got on quite well actually. The person who speaks English who answers emails and shipping queries only works part time, and they’re ahead of.. the UK at least by like… 9 hours, I think? So there’s a slight delay in communication but not too much so.
      I ordered quite a lot and I didn’t get caught by customs, but I can’t guarantee that for everyone.
      Plus, it was a little more exciting getting it from Japan, for me at any rate. I might just be weird.
      Aren’t the charms great? I think they’re so perfect 😀
      Thank you for reading and commenting – let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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