Entirely Uninteresting.

Hello folks!

I hope you’re all well.

Writing is… Going. Reading has stopped. The only video game I’m really playing is Diablo 3 (I might have a problem). I did have a mass fountain pen clean the other day, which was… Not fun. Standing at the kitchen sink to clean out about ten or twelve pens/pen bits (nibs, nib units, converters, ink sample vials and syringes) took a little while. Not good for my back. But, it does mean that I can play with my pens again now most of my favourites are all clean.

Speaking of pens… I need to sort out the amount of pen pots and stuff I  have on my desk again. I hae far too many and it’s… The left side of my desk is a touch cramped. I really don’t like that. The right side isn’t too bad. There’s more there than I would like, but it’s all tucked in and tidy so I can live with it. It’s just the left side. But the cubby holes are… Strange, so it’s difficult to keep everything properly tidy – it means I have to re-organise it every so often. Although, I guess that’s not an overly bad thing because I quite like doing it. I like to tidy up or sort things or re/organise things when I’m upset or angry  because it calms me down and helps me relax a little bit. I suppose that sounds a little strange but whatever helps right?

I’m going through one of those stages where I wonder why I do all the things I do; why I write so much if I’m not going to try to get published, why I have so many pens/notebooks when I can only use one at a time. You know, things like that. It’s not fun. Normally this sort of feeling only lasts a day or so, but this time? It’s been three days I think. Sure, I’m still writing through it, but I’m only just scraping my daily goal whereas before I’d be doing just under double. S’yeah, I’m not enjoying that very much. It does make everything feel so slow and makes me brain all befuddled.

I struggled with thinking of something to say today. Which is also why this is going up later than normal, and I do apologise for that. Hopefully I’ll be able to snap myself out of this horrible, horrible funk I seem to be in so I can give you all a more interesting post next week.

Until then,



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2 responses to “Entirely Uninteresting.

  1. If you enjoy writing and you usually find it relaxing, then that’s reason enough to do it! (But there’s always self-publishing, which is fun, slightly terrifying and feels just a little liberating.) But don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling less than inspired, have a break instead. 🙂

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