Dear Writers…

Friendly reminder:

It’s okay to write crap. It’s okay to not write perfectly the first time; that’s what editing is for. It’s okay not do a million edits – if you think you’re done after five, that’s fine! Too many edits drains all the heart and soul out of your words. It’s okay to rehash the same sort of scenario with minor tweaks; that’s what all the published authors are doing anyway; there are only seven basic plots after all. Everything we write can be boiled down to being one of those. It’s okay to only venture out of your comfort zone every so often – if you’re happier writing cheesy romance novels and not comfortable writing sci-fi stories, then you go ahead and write those cheesy romance novels.

It’s okay to leave things unfinished – you can always come back to them. You don’t have to write Story 1 from A to Z before you move onto Story 2. It’s okay to not write things in order. It’s okay to only write snippets or individual scenes without a main plot to put them in. It’s okay to finish a first draft and then not do anything else with it. It’s okay to not stick to your outline/planning, or for your story to take one/some unexpected turn/s. It’s okay to plan your writing down to the last detail. It’s okay to not plan anything at all.

It’s okay to want to write all the time; that’s great! But make sure you take care of yourself too. Putting everything before yourself and your health is really not good for you; mentally or physically. On the other hand, it’s okay to not write for a little while; it’s okay to take a step back and leave it all alone for a bit.

It’s okay to write just for yourself. It’s okay to write without the intention of being published. (Authors don’t make very much money anyway – it’s not enough to pay the bills all the time, and even if you do get published and paid, the incoming money isn’t as steady as a regular job – despite what everyone thinks. Not every author is as lucky as say, J.K. Rowling.) It’s okay to do it for fun. Not everything has to be so serious all the time.

It’s okay to write by hand; either using pencils and napkins and the back or receipts, or using fountain pens and the most expensive paper known to man. It’s okay to use the computer – any computer, with any programme. Hell, it’s okay to use a typewriter if you feel so inclined. It’s okay to use one of those “voice to text” programmes too. It’s okay to drink coffee while writing, just like it’s okay to drink tea, hot chocolate or… Anything else. It’s okay not to drink anything at all while you write. (Though again, make sure you look after yourself.)

It’s okay to use your real name. It’s okay to use a pen name. It’s okay to never show people you see every day. It’s okay to only show people on the internet. It’s okay to do it the other way around. It’s okay to not show anyone at all.

If it makes you happy, and you enjoy what you do, then it’s okay. Especially if you’re not hurting anyone else.

Shamelessly inspired by this post: You Are Allowed To Write Crap.



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4 responses to “Dear Writers…

  1. I needed this, babe. Thank you ever very so much.

  2. Reblogged this on Windi's Musings and commented:
    Danni has written a wonderful post about how it’s OK to write as much or as little as you want, where, how and when you want it. It has inspired me to not worry so much about whether I’m a writer because I write about three times a week. Thanks so much, babe.

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