Collection of Collections.

Hello folks!

I collect things. I always have done.  When I was younger, it was little plastic animals from The Early Learning Centre, little plastic “Puppy In My Pocket” dogs/cats/whatever and plastic horses from a “My Beautiful Horses” magazine. Oh, and Disney videos, but who didn’t? I’m pretty sure I still have all of those things in boxes somewhere. Then I think I moved onto Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards. After Pokemon cards and figures and… Just generally all the merchandise, I think… I think I was in my early teens then, so I progressed to Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, some of the newer My Little Ponies (they were really god damn pretty and I think this one started it) and a new fortnightly magazine subscription partwork… Thing, based on the Egyptian Gods; each “tear apart and file away in sections” magazine came with a… four or five inch statue of one of the Gods and I loved them. Those types of magazine part work things really appealed to me, ’cause I really like sorting things. I think I was still collecting Beanie Babies at this time too. I think that covers up until the end of college. I think you could consider getting (almost) every Sims game a collection? Because I was doing that around this time too.  Then Uni started and I think I fell into World of Warcraft cards and little figures, then I started picking up a bunch of Blue Nose Friends and then! And then came the pens.

I should probably take a minute to say that I’d been picking up the odd notebook here and there since I was… I’m going to say about nine. Maybe ten. I think by the time I started college, I had a nice drawer full of the things. Not a fraction of what I have now, of course, but a fairly reasonable amount. A fairly manageable amount too. And I’ve always liked nice pens, although, I used to think that “nice pens” extended to gel ink pens and that was about it. I did use a fountain pen in the last year of school for a bit, I think, and I know I used one in maybe the first year of college before I just stopped using them.

But anyway. Pens. Fountain pens. I know I used one or two in… Mid college. But I think they were just basic, WHSmiths branded ones. Not that I’m knocking those because they were great; I still have them actually. I did use fountain pens in the first year of uni, but stopped… And I can’t remember why. Some time in my second year, I was out with my dad and my step mum, and we went to (a) Staples. The long and short of it is that my step mum got me a nice Parker fountain pen and ballpoint set. It’s a Parker Frontier in the… Twilight colour-way with a Medium nib if you’re interested. I think we went into town afterwards and I picked up some cartridges. And as soon as I got home, I inked it up and wrote… So, so much. I don’t think I took it to classes though, because I didn’t want to get it broken because I was so taken with it. I always says that this is where it started.

Yes, I still have it that pen. And I still have the ballpoint too. I should probably get the rollerball actually. I don’t used it too much because, y’know, I’ve got a sentimental attachment to it. (I ordered another Frontier the other day. Different colour-way but that doesn’t matter.) Then, in that summer, I was looking around on eBay, because for some strange reason I really wanted a pink fountain pen. I found one and I ordered it. That pen turned out to be the Limited Edition Pink Lamy Safari. The first production run. I had absolutely zero knowledge about Lamys and their limited editions and all that when I first got that. Look at me now – I collect the things. Although, to be honest, I pretty much collect pens in general, even if it’s by accident. I seem to be collecting Leuchtturm1917 notebooks too. Oh! And who can forget the fact that I collected all 30 of the J.Herbin ink cartridge tins?

It’s a thing, a quirk of mine – the whole collecting pens and hoarding notebooks thing. (Although, I’m not sure what the difference is, to be totally honest.) I occasionally dip in and out of Pokemon cards still (never going to stop being a fan of Pokemon to be honest) and I pick up the occasional Funko Pop! figure (I should take a photo of the whole collection – me and the boyfriend pool ours together because he gets some every so often too).

Collecting is fun. Collecting gives me something to do. Sometimes collections can make you a little bit of money down the line too, which isn’t something to look down on. Plus, collecting the stuff I collect makes me happy. And that’s never a bad thing.

What about you folks? Do you collect anything? Let me know!

Until next week





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  1. You answered one question of mine here, LOL.


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