A Twist in the Tale of Fountain Pen Joys.

I’m not easily disappointed when it comes to stationery. Mostly because I spend a lot of time looking at the stuff, reading about the stuff and doing snippets of research. But sometimes, just sometimes, something pops up on my radar that doesn’t have a lot of column inches. On the internet anyway. Most of the time if a product doesn’t have many reviews (that I can find) or anything like that then I’m going to be really curious about it. And if that curiousity lingers, then I’m just gonna go and get it.

This is how I came to own the only pen that has ever disappointed me.

Do you want to know what it is? Alright then.

No Twist, no fun?! Are you kidding me?! She would not be that happy if she’d actually sat and tried to use one of these things.

Yes, that’s an advertisement from the Pelikan website for the Pelikan Twist. I am so disappointed with this pen that I only have ONE of my own photos of the thing. And it’s not even a very good photo, from what I recall. I can’t even find the photo.

Anyway. I have the… Blue and pink fountain pen version you see on the advertisement there. It’s got a fruity sounding name, which I need to go and look up… Blueberry Harmony. And yes, all the names are that… Strange. Like, the orange one up there (it has a light blue grip) is called Summer Splash. The light blue one (has dark blue grip) is called Fresh Ocean, and that red/green on on the end is Apple Candy. Not pictured is a teal pen (which is actually a nice colour) with a yellow grip wihich is named, aptly, Petrol. Yes, I understand that these are aimed towards children and maybe the teenage market, but the price was pretty decent (I got mine from CultPens for a shade under £10) and I’d never tried a Pelkan fountain pen before (because all of the nice ones I’d previously seen are really expensive). So, naturally, I thought “why the hell not?”

I give Pelikan points for the bright colours, the decent price and the fun sounding names. And hey, the pen looks pretty cool, right? I mean, that’s what swayed me. But man that pen is uncomfortable to hold. That thing is pretty rigid plastic. For some reason I thought it would be a bit… Hm… Softer. But no. It’s rigid plastic and those sharp looking lines? While they’re not ‘sharp’ they can and do dig into your hand. Your grip depending, of course. Anyone who thinks that the Lamy Safari is uncomfortable to hold clearly hasn’t held one of these. Seriously. Holding the Safari is like holding a Uniball pen with one of their Alpha Gel grips compared to holding the Twist.

I’ve gone back to this pen at least three times since I got it (I think I got it for Fountain Pen Day last year. Or the year before, I can’t remember) and… No. I can’t and don’t get on with it. I can’t wrap my head (or, rather, hand) around how to hold it properly. I just find it really uncomfortable. I couldn’t even get an idea of what the nib was like because I couldn’t write with it for long enough to form an opinion. That’s how much I dislike this pen.

(I don’t dislike it enough to put me off Pelikan pens. I found myself a Pelikan Pelikano on ebay; a transparent one. It was a little more than the Twist but, it’s a transparent model that I don’t think’s been made for awhile.)

Normally, I’d say “it’s not you, it’s me,” but in this case, Pelikan Twist, it really is you.


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