#OneBookJuly2014 – Slightly late introduction and a late report on Week One.

Looking back on it, I should’ve written about this last week. But hey, what can you do? I was inspired  last week and I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth when that happens.


This month, I am taking part in this:


Here’s a link to a YouTube playlist of all the tagged videos.

Because who am I to resist a challenge? I have so many pocket sized notebooks lying around, I thought, why not?

I should mention that I have only downsized for my journalling, not for my daily writing, bceause that’s a bit too disruptive and I only use one pen and one notebook a month for that anyway. (A month is about the average time it takes me to get through one A5 notebook for my daily writing anyway, so I’ve kinda been doing it for years. Maybe not the one pen thing; I’ve only really been doing that for a few months – normally I’d change my pen almost every day.)

Yes, this means that I’ve stepped out of my Midori for a month. I miss it already but I’m gonna stick to the notebook I’ve chosen. Which, is this:

Very pink, much girly, wow..

It’s an A6 Midori MD notebook with a cover on it. So, I’m not straying very far, really. Don’t mind the picture in the plastic cover; it’s a joke between a friend and I and it makes me giggle. Plus it’s pink. The one pen is a Pilot Kakuno with a Fine nib, inked with J.Herbin’s Rose Tendresse. Can you tell I’m into pink right now?

On the second day, I realise that I’d need something to separate the days (or, chunks of text) out in my notebook so I dug around in my little organiser bag where I keep a lot of my Midori loot, picked one of the washi tapes I have and pulled out my paper trimmer to do this:

Cut to size, stuck to the plastic cover, ready to go.

One of my better ideas I think. They’re not cut perfectly straight and they’re not exactly the right size but I really don’t care – they’re close enough and they do the job.

On day four, I really, really missed my Midori. It’s sitting to my right, looking all sorry for itself. It’s not empty; it’s still got everything in it, including the next empty insert I was planning on using… But it’s not being used right now. Instead of changing over and throwing in the towel, I consoled myself by tinkering with the set up of it a bit before scribbling writing in my A6 book.

For the last couple of days I have been a little frustrated with my pen. I don’t know if that’s due to the ink I’m using or the fact that it’s a Japanese Fine nib (which is roughly like a Western Extra Fine) but it’s a bit… I want to say that it’s a bit of a dry writer? I struggle to get the ink onto the page without dipping the tip of the nib in water sometimes. I tried to remedy this by storing the pen nib down for a bit. That seemed to work for a little while but not long. Then pen was actually okay last night, and I’d kept it nib up in my pen cup for awhile. I don’t really get what’s going on. The feed is bright pink, so it’s not like there’s no ink there. I don’t know. Sometimes it behaves, sometimes it doesn’t.

I’m quite enjoying the size, actually. I think it means I write less though – I have this mindset of filling at least a page of whatever size journal I’m using every time I sit and write (which is normally only once a day). I guess I have even less to say now than I did while I was in the Midori? I don’t know how that works. But, I am enjoying it. I’m not sticking in as much stuff as I was with the Midori, but I guess I just don’t have anything to stick in yet.

Is anyone else doing this? Would any of you consider it? Do you think I’m strange?
Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you next week.





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5 responses to “#OneBookJuly2014 – Slightly late introduction and a late report on Week One.

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  2. I see Lucy on the cover of your binder! *fist bump*

    • kenounirenashin

      It’s a notebook dear. Notebooks and binders are two totally different things, but yes, you do. That’ll be Luci and Sam ❤

  3. So you wouldn’t recommend the F for this pen?

    • kenounirenashin

      Everyone else who has these pens doesn’t seem to have a problem, so it’s probably something that I’m doing.

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