(Possibly) Unpopular Opinion Alert (Regarding Stationery and Spending)

Hello crumpets!

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m limping all over the place myself. I might slipped off of the patio last Thursday and twisted my ankle really badly. And I might’ve set the healing of it back a few days yesterday when I spent too long in town on my feet. Guardians of the Galaxy called though, and it’s not like me to not go and see a Marvel film. So today I hurt more than normal and walking is… Interesting. Worth it though. Guardians of the Galaxy was great, but I mean, what’s not to love? Don’t worry, I won’t talk about it too much – I don’t want to maybe spoil anything for anyone.

So! We’re in August. August! Where has the year gone?! I’m not sure that I like how fast time is slipping away. It makes me uneasy.

Speaking of the month… My boyfriend, Matt, is attempting a “No Games August” – that is, where he doesn’t buy a single video game for the whole month. Unless there’s one for a ridiculously stupidly good deal, but that’s a case by case thing. And he’s allowed to pre-order things. But other than that, no video games. It should be pretty easy, considering the fact that August is normally a pretty dry month for video game releases. There are some people on a Facebook group that I’m part of that are doing a “No Spend August” in regards to pens, ink and paper (I think). The boyfriend has one thing the other folks don’t to help him succeed at this – me. (Ha.) Nah, he’s got his eyes on a bigger release in September, so that’s okay. (Disney Infinity 2.0 – Marvel Edition. I’m so excited it’s not even funny.)

I admire these people, I do. It takes a lot of self motivation and determination and will-power to do something like that. I’m not entirely sure that I, personally could (especially not in August because, because to school/college sale and because it’s my birthday at the end of the month). I should give it a go at some point though. Not that I buy much stationery at the moment anyway. The last thing I got was… A cheap (like £3) Japanese fountain pen. I think. (Which reminds me; I’m gravitating towards Japanese pens at the moment, especially those cheap ones. I don’t know why but I love them.) I could always give it a go in October I suppose. But… Life’s short and stationery makes me happy, so denying myself that little bit of happiness seems a bit… Strange to me. But! More power to those who can do a “no spend” month.

On the other hand… I don’t think I go particularly crazy in regards to stationery spending anyway. I mean… I read the posts in these Facebook groups and people are like “oh, I just spent $100 on stickers and washi tape even though I already have loads” (because, naturally, most of the people in these groups are American). And I’m just like… Are you crazy? One hundred dollars? How??? How can you do that?

Before anyone says anything – I am very aware that it’s their money and they can spend it however they like. But on things like stickers and “dollar spot” sticky notes (that are well documented to be of bad quality anyway), especially when these people have previously said they have a stash or more than they can use in a lifetime? Especially if some are just “too cute to use?” That is another mindset that I don’t understand at all – they’re just things, just use them? If you want to keep something that’s pretty, why don’t you keep one aside, make a scrapbook or something? Or, and here’s an idea that just came to mind; photocopy/scan a bunch of the cute things, then you can print a dozen to a page or something and make your own again later on? (That’s actually not a bad idea now I think about it.) But it’s like… Why go and spend so much money on those terrible quality sticky notes when you could get some that actually do the job they’re supposed to do like, oh I don’t know, actually stick to things? And if you’re gonna go and spend $100 anyway, you might as well get something that’s worth the money? What about quality and not quantity?

If I went and spent £100 on a bunch of stuff like that, whether I had the money freely available or not, Matt would kill me because there’s so much more that I/we could do with that money. (Not that it’s up to Matt how I spend my money, but I do talk over a lot of large purchases with him, because, well, we’re a couple and we do that.) And, he would be absolutely right. I would probably really regret wasting my money that way afterwards. He knows me much better than I know myself most of the time. An example of something I could do with £100+? A new graphics card for my computer, which is actually something that I’m looking into for my birthday this year. And I’m having enough trouble stomaching how much a good quality one is going to cost (it’s a lot of money for a girl who doesn’t normally have very much, and who’s never really had a lot of money in her life, so yeah £100 is a hell of a lot of money to me.) But! It’s a one time purchase and I won’t need to upgrade my baby (my computer) for a good couple of years after I get one. At least, not for the stuff I use my computer for (basic gaming and whatnot – I’m not really a hardcore gamer so there’s really no need for a custom build.)

I am the first to admit that I might have an excess of some stuff. Specifically notebooks and pens, so maybe some people would consider me a bit of a hypocrite. While I don’t think I am, maybe I’m wrong.

However, I’m not saying about my notebooks “oh, these are too pretty or too cute to use” – because I believe there’s nothing sadder than an empty notebook. I am using them, it’s just taking time. (Actually, I have cut down on buying notebooks. I just make them instead now out of all the paper I have lying around. It gives me something to do and I make the notebooks so thin that they’re easy to get through anyway. Besides, I could always sell those ones if I felt like it/if anyone wanted any. But! I’m using what I have. And actually, I’ve slowed down on the fountain pen and/or ink buying too… Hmn. Anyway, that’s a digression.) But, I’ve still got my timing down to using maybe a notebook a month. Sometimes a notebook and a half, sometimes two but that depends on the thickness of the notebook. Either way, I am actively using them, and have been for about three years. It may not look like I’ve used many (I finished notebook 48 last night) but if you look at the amount of words in each one (like I do) – that’s a heck of a lot of writing. By hand. As for the pens? That’s much easier; I’m actually doing pretty damn well with using those up. I’m not looking forward to all the biros I have to use, but I’ll get there. My goal is to get to the stage where my fountain pens outnumber all my other pens. Or at least, so that the numbers are a little more even. It’s very doable; I know it is and I’m getting there.

It’s taken me a fairly long time to “get over myself” and just… To get on and use some of the prettier ones. Admittedly, I’ve put aside a handful of the really nice ones to use as journals instead of writing notebooks, because I think my thoughts deserve them. Even if all my thoughts are a bit rubbish. Like I said, it’s taken me a long time to get over myself and think “screw it” – to get to the point where I can write in anything. I don’t expect that to be easy for everyone and it’s certainly not a cake-walk for me, but it’s much easier than it used to be.

Anyway. I just… *waves hands* I don’t understand stuff sometimes, you know? This is certainly not meant to offend or… Whatever. I’m just thinking out loud and posting my thoughts onto the Internet, which I suppose isn’t the wisest idea in the world, but, hey! What’re you going to do?

Hopefully back to something less… Essay-ish next week!



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4 responses to “(Possibly) Unpopular Opinion Alert (Regarding Stationery and Spending)

  1. I do adore when someone in my circle posts a long opinionated essay on something! I just enjoy reading opinions even if I don’t always agree with them.
    I think that there’s a middle ground. It’s perfectly fine to buy stuff as long as you are actually going to use them but excessiveness isn’t really a good thing, either.

    • kenounirenashin

      I didn’t mean for it to get quite so long, really XD
      But yes, I do agree with you. Maybe I just see a lot of extremeness.

  2. I agree with you. I am not offended although there are moments when I am more hoarder than user 😉 but in last months I am really trying not buying things I am not going to use immediately.

    • kenounirenashin

      I’m definitely a notebook horder, but, like I said, I’m working really hard on using them now. My hand just can’t keep up with my brain XD

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