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We are four writers who did Writing Contemporary Fiction degrees together at Southampton Solent University, graduating in 2011. On this blog we are going to write about writing, life, fun and everything in between!

Meet your Tuesday blogger here.
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One way you can contact us is by leaving a comment on one of our posts. All our comments are moderated before they can be posted.

Danni can be found on Twitter @KenouniRenashin and on Tumblr at KenRenStationery where there is also an Ask Box where you can ask anonymously, if you wish. You can also email her at: kenouni.renashin@yahoo.co.uk

Lil can be found on Twitter @frank_analysis – where despite the name taken from the musical Wicked, she never tweets about it! (Other musicals may appear.) You can email her at: elizabethwgill@gmail.com if you want to, but please title the emails FourWordsFourWorlds, or they’ll probably end up in the trash.


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