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And now back to your regular scheduled programming…

Hello crumpets.

Last week was a bit heavy and was also not stationery related at all, wasn’t it? I felt like… Like it was something that needed talking about, especially while the topic at hand was actually at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It’s an important topic that doesn’t get mentioned enough.

So! Back to this week.

I’ve been going a little ink sample crazy recently. There’s a couple of sellers on eBay who are located in the UK, where I am, who have a bunch of… I think it’s Diamine, Iroshizuku, Sailor and Private Reserve ink samples. This is awesome because, being in the UK, it means they arrive quickly (which is great when you’re as impatient as I am) and it also means I don’t have to worry about customs if I were to order from the Goulets. As much as I adore and thoroughly recommend those guys (in a heartbeat), I personally can’t justify buying from them much, and this really saddens me because I really love what they do, what they stand for and all the effort they put into their company, being a brilliant resource and their customer service. I’d like to be able to support that, but I’m personally not easily able to. If you can order from them, I’d recommend it.

I’m on this… Bizzare quest to find the perfect (for/to me) shade of each of the basic colours. Have I been successful in any department yet? No. Not at all. Oh, wait. I haven’t found an orange that beats Diamine’s Sunset yet, and I think I’m almost certain on the best green, but I have to test a couple more. Other than that; nope, nowhere near. But it’s a fun project, even if I do have about… I haven’t even counted… A silly amount of ink samples sitting on my desk right now. But! I’ve found that using a singular ink sample while testing out a particular pen gives you long enough to form a decent impression of the pen, while using the sample up at the same time. That works for me. I am going to need a bigger Really Useful Box to put my not-used samples in soon though. Whoops.

So that’s that. What else?

How are we nearly in September already? How?! Although that does mean that it’s my birthday next week (and I’ll probably mention that next blog post too). I’m 25. TWENTY FIVE. So, naturally, I’ve been having some sort of “what on earth am I doing with my life?!” kinda mental anguish. It’s very… It’s enough to put you down.

But I don’t want to talk or think about that very much. Anyway. Writing is going slightly better than expected, which is grand. Reading is… Not. Gaming is not, either.

Oh, wait, actually. The boyfriend and I have been playing that P.T. demo teaser thing on PS4. I’ve had to take ahold of the controller while he hides behind cushions, and he’s had to take it from me as some points. It’s terrifying, and the reveal at the end was like OHMYGOD. Also, watching some of the “let’s play” videos on YouTube has had me in stitches. I’m not going to say or spoil anything more in case anyone reading hasn’t seen it/heard of what the reveal is. I’m excited for that.

Erm. That’s about it. How are you all doing?

Until next week!




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#bookaday 5

One that doesn’t belong to you.

Could be a few but thought I’d pick the most interesting one

This is my mums copy from secondary school in the 70s so I hate to think how many copies it has sold now!

20140805-111413 pm-83653296.jpg

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Things I have learnt from #OneBookJuly2014

For my other post on the subject, see here.

I know, I know – it’s not quite over yet. I’m still sticking to the rules until the 1st, I’m just wrapping up my thoughts a little earlier.

So! Here we go:

~ I can’t stick to one A6 page a day. Sometimes I write more, sometimes I write less. So, as much as I love the Tomoe River Paper, the A6 page-a-day Hobonichi will not work for me, with its pre-printed/dated pages and all that.

~ Although, upon saying that, I really like the smaller size.

~ I don’t like only having one pen. I think I could deal with only using one colour, or one type of pen (for example, Gelly Rolls), but there have been a few days where I’ve been really frustrated with my poor Kakuno. Or, maybe I just need to use a pen that’s not practically brand new, a pen that has had all its teething problems smoothed out.

~ I love grid paper, I really do, so why I’m not being as… Artistic in my A6 book as I was on the plain pages of the inserts I was using in my Midori… I don’t know. It might have something to do with the slight frustrations I have with the pen that I’m using (which is SO temperamental.)

~ I think maybe the size prevented me sticking in anything more than a strip of washi tape; I feel like maybe I didn’t want to take away my… Writing real estate? I’m not sure. Or maybe I just didn’t have anything to stick in!

~ Speaking of washi tape; I quite like using pre-cut strips to break up my days of writing. I think I’ll continue doing that.

~ I do feel like I write less when I use a smaller size? I’m not sure if that’s got anything to do with the size, the temperamental pen or the time I do my journalling. (Although, I don’t think the time has anything to do with it because I write at about roughly to same time every day and I have done for… A good three or four months.) I will have to work on that. Though my money is on the pen, because I think I’ve been writing less when it’s been so damn annoying to use.

~ I actually got through more pages than I initially thought I would, so that’s not a bad thing.

And, I think that’s it!

Two questions remain; what am I going to do with the book I was using? And; would I do it again?

Well, I’m going to continue using the book I picked up for it (maybe not the pen though), because I hate to leave a book unfinished – it really rubs me up the wrong way. Besides, I might write more than a couple of pages at a time if I change my pen. That’ll be the next thing to experiment with.

Would I do it again? Sure I would. Hell, I might even go smaller next time. Maybe, Passport Midori sized? Or maybe go a tiny bit bigger and use a Personal sized Filofax. I do know one thing; I would have to pick my pen a little better next time.

What about you guys? Would you do anything like this? Did you take part? If so, how did you get on?

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#bookaday 4

Least favourite book by favourite author.

This was rather hard as I don’t have one favourite author but settled on something that kept coming back.

What a Carve Up! by Jonathan Coe.

I just remember thinking it was horribly convoluted and unrealistic and I’m sure I hated the ending but don’t quite remember. Doesn’t help that my copy has this hideous cover.

20140729-091944 pm-76784417.jpg

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#bookaday 1

A favourite from childhood!

The Secret Seven were always a childhood favourite (and much preferred over the Famous Five!) but this was a particular favourite from the series, though I’m not sure why. I ate these books up when I was younger.


20140701-081123 pm-72683117.jpg


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challenge thing


So, I have returned!

This is a thing I found on twitter and was being run throughout May or June. As I can’t think of anything more creative to do, this should fuel some of the next few weeks of posts! I may do two per post, or skip some if I don’t have an answer for it!


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Who is this stranger, I hear you cry! Well folks, just popping my head in to say sorry!

I haven’t been posting much, even on my personal blog because once again (let’s say it together!) my MA is getting in the way. Because there is no structure whatsoever apart from a deadline, I’m finding it quite difficult to organise my time and that means sometimes things have to slide.

But, never fear, I do have a couple of ideas for posts and may write and queue some up in advance when I have time.

That’s all for now,

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