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N is for… Notebooks

Hiya folks!

First off, this is a very image heavy post. There’s seven photos in this one. I’d condense it to less if I could, but I can’t.

So. Anyone who knows me will know that I adore stationery, specifically notebooks. I think I have, not including all the ones that I’ve filled up, about 90. And yes, I’m going to show you photos. Yes, I’m also going to talk about them this week. Not too much, but just a little. If you want any more information on any of the notebooks I’m going to show you, then leave me a comment. Ready for this?

Photo Number: 1.
Number of Notebooks in Photo: 14 notebooks.
Comments: These are most / all of my Paperchase notebooks. As you might be able to tell, they’re all A5, except those three in the top right; they’re A6, except that owl one is slightly larger than A6 but not big enough to be A5. Yes, that one covered in pictures of Gerard Way is a Paperchase notebook. It’s one of their A5 10 Subject ones. I was attracted to the thickness of the thing. And then I covered it in pictures. I think I did a fairly good job – I think it looks good. That one with food all over it took me a couple of months to get; I saw it, couldn’t afford it at the time and by the time I had money, they’d run out. I had to keep checking back and it took me a month or so to get a hold of the thing. Finally, that one in the top left – the circuit board one? That’s currently being used; notebook number 20 in my notebook a month project.

Photo Number: 2.
Number of Notebooks in Photo: 16.
Comments: These are my WHSmith notebooks and my Paperblanks notebooks. Yes, you can see two of the same notebook there. One, was a 21st birthday present from Lil, the other I found in a box. I don’t mind. It means I can use one for junk, and the one I was given as a gift for something more personal. The bottom row, the Oxford ones are A6, bough to write up blog posts. Oxford notebooks have such lovely paper and they’re actually really affordable. Especially at back to school time. The fourth one from the right, next to the three small ones in the middle row is a Paperblanks Tiffany’s Peacocks. Retails at about £20 I think, and I got it for about £11.50 from eBay. It’s lovely! And big too.

Photo Number: 3.
Number of Notebooks in Photo: 19.
Comments: These are my small notebooks, from random places. they’re all about A6 size, except the five along the bottom; the first four are taller than A6 but still small, and that last one is more A5. Most of these were bought online. I really like the marbling of the cover of the last one in the middle row.

Photo Number: 4.
Number of Notebooks in Photo: 13.
Comments: Erm, slightly larger than A5 but not quite A4 notebooks. Third one in the top row – it’s awesome. All recycled. It’s even got a bra strap as a closure system. Here’s where I got it from. A wonderful company and Ingrid is really helpful.

Photo Number: 5.
Number of Notebooks in Photo: 11.
Comments: Five A4 notebooks and six A5 Clairefontaine ones. Clairefontaine is some of the best paper I’ve ever used. It’s so smooth and SO fountain pen friendly. Beautiful stuff! Bureau Direct sell some Clairefontaine products, and for really good prices too, so you can try this stuff for a couple of pounds.

Photo Number: 6.
Number of Notebooks in Photo: 9.
Comments: Three more Oxford notebooks and three Pukka Pad notebooks covered in owl wrapping paper from Paperchase. The other one in the top row is… A no name thing from Rymans, and the remaining two are from the Staples Arc range. Good things, also with fountain pen friendly paper. Adjustable, customisable notebooks.

Photo Number: 7.
Number of Notebooks in Photo: 8.
Comments: Ahhhh, the final photo. Except the one in the middle, all of those are still in their plastic wrapping. The one in the middle was my prize to myself for winning NaNoWriMo last year – it’s a notebook from Harry Potter World in America. (Thank you eBay.) The others are all fairly obvious what they are. I love the Scrabble one. The one on the right of the Harry Potter notebooks has lined rainbow pages. Pretty.

So that’s it. That’s all 90 or so of my unused notebooks. There might be one or two that aren’t in the photos that I got after all those photos were taken, but not that many. Most of them are indeed A5 sized and lined, which is my preference, but there are some that break from that in there. As I said before, if anyone has any more questions or anything about these, feel free to leave a comment.

Yes, I know I’m a bit nuts.

Until next time folks!

Danni x

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